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Setting the Right Goals for Your Website

Posted March 24, 2014 in Internet Marketing, SEO

“What does success look like to you?” This is the question I lead with when I sit down with a client to determine their Internet marketing strategy. Usually their response is, “I want to be number one in Google.” That’s a noble goal and one probably every business in the world shares. The problem with […]

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A Better SEO

Posted March 19, 2014 in Internet Marketing, SEO

SEO has evolved significantly over the past few years.   Practices that were once encouraged and commonplace are now the quickest way to get blacklisted or penalized.  What used to yield amazing results is now the same as throwing your money away.   As part of our ongoing effort to educate and guide our clients […]

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The Importance of Blogging

Posted March 17, 2014 in Blogging, Internet Marketing

What is a blog? A blog (short for “web log”) is a method for delivering frequent, often casual and more personal, content to your website visitors. Blog entries (called “posts”) are usually shown in reverse chronological order on your blog’s website so that more recent posts are visible first. Blogs are generally interactive; people can […]

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What is PPC?

Posted March 10, 2014 in Internet Marketing, PPC

PPC is a commonly used acronym for pay-per-click advertising. When someone says they are running PPC ads, they typically mean they are using Google Adwords or the ads that appear in the search engine results. How Does PPC Work? The easiest way to think of PPC is quite literally you pay per click. When your […]

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Case Study Photo Gallery

Posted March 05, 2014 in Internet Marketing

We are excited to reveal our new Case Study Photo Gallery!  Featuring patient before and photos has never easier, faster, or better looking. The Plastic Surgery Studios Case Study Photo Gallery revolutionizes the way practices are able to upload before and after photos by dynamically pairing the two together without the need for any photo […]

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SEO vs. Marketing

Posted March 03, 2014 in Internet Marketing, SEO

Internet marketing is always changing, and as marketers it’s our responsibility to develop new strategies to stay ahead of the game. While doing so, our marketing team discovered a transition taking place: Internet marketing has already begun to align with and resemble more traditional marketing. As a result of this paradigm shift, the biggest question […]

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The Dos and Don’ts of Contact Forms

Posted February 24, 2014 in Internet Marketing

Contact forms are a fantastic way for a practice or business to deliver better customer service. The easy-to-use interface of simply typing information in right on a website removes the extra step of having to open an email service or pick up the phone and call during business hours. Contact forms also make it easier […]

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Remembering Dr. Joseph Powers

Posted September 04, 2013 in News

Joseph Albert Powers, M.D., 94, of Rancho Cucamonga, CA, died in his home surrounded by his loving family on Saturday, August 31, 2013. Dr. Powers was born in 1919 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Irish immigrants James and Sarah Julie Powers and was the eighth of nine brothers and sisters. His mother died when he was […]

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Should You Post Cost on Your Procedure Pages?

Posted February 26, 2013 in Website Content

Earlier this month Real Self’s MediBeauty Today explored the question, “Should cosmetic surgeons post their prices online?”  The post dove into the opinions of three doctors who had three very different opinions of the topic.  One felt that listing pricing on the site helped qualify patients, while another other argued that prices should not be […]

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How To Choose a Medical Internet Marketing Company

Posted November 08, 2012 in Internet Marketing

When I was approached recently by a member of our sales team to do a post on how doctors can choose an SEO company, my first thought was, “They shouldn’t choose an SEO company.”  Instead, doctors should be looking to companies that offer comprehensive Internet marketing and not just SEO.  Doctors need to be looking […]

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