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Social media opens the door for around-the-clock user interaction, increasing business opportunities and herding more traffic to a practice.

Meet your prospects where they are. Develop a community for your brand. Adding social media services to any digital marketing campaign is no longer just a good idea, it has become a marketing imperative. It will strengthen visibility and awareness, reaching potential consumers at the discovery and consideration stages as well as the conversion and customer relationship stages of the conversion funnel.

Social media platforms develop a brand’s personality and credibility today, with followers who cultivate personal relationships with your practice and share this with their friends and family. The more engaged your practice is with uploading pictures and results, the more return on your time investment you’ll see by way of increased consultations and sales.

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Targeting Your Ideal Prospects

Our team creates campaigns targeted for specific demographics to increase followers, interactions, clicks, website visits, comments, and engagements. We use social media platforms to interact with individuals and businesses to build relationships with their community and industry with geo-tags, trending hashtags, and promotional offers.

“Easy to track and measure results.”

Carl, Marketing Director

Key Social Media Channels

We work with the social media platforms that are currently dominating online and mobile communication.

Instagram uses visual content to captivate a particular audience, increase their following, cultivate relationships with their demographic, and track improvements.

Facebook increases brand awareness, tracks conversions and engagements, and provides a space for relevant interactions with the target demographic.

Twitter is an excellent tool for boosting brand awareness, promoting services, and providing customer service.

Snapchat is fun, engaging, and ideal for promoting specials, creating enthralling stories, and showing the personal side of your practice.

Presentation: Social Posts

Your Posts Will Be Unique to You

All posts and videos on our clients’ social media accounts reflect their businesses, services, and unique personalities. We collaborate with each of our clients to gain insight as to what type of posts to create so we can maintain consistency and total client satisfaction. We include audience-specific language, personalized images and banners, and branding hashtags.

“Use social media to tell a story and share it with your audience.”

Michael, CEO

Social Media Management and Reporting

We provide routine maintenance as well as client-specific interaction strategies to reach precise marketing objectives. Some of the account support and operation services we offer are regular posts, likes, shares, and comments, fending off unsolicited messages and direct message interaction.

We provide regular analytics reports so our clients can monitor the strength of their social media presence and identify successful interaction tactics. Our analytics reports evaluate calculable social media progress in the form of growth, engagements, followers, shares, and likes.

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FAQs About Social Media

What kinds of business goals should my social media reflect?

Social media marketing is flexible, so it can promote brand awareness, build relationships with your audience, and increase traffic to your site.

What should I do if I have a question about what’s being posted to my social media accounts?

Your social media accounts are meant to reflect your voice and your business goals, so we invite you to reach out with any questions. Our clients can consult us via telephone and have complete and unlimited access to their social media accounts.

How do I send you the photos I want to be posted to my social media accounts?

Content and photos can be shared with us using common online file-sharing platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive.

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