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PPC Management Services

Increasing web
traffic with PPC

Paid online advertisements have a powerful impact on increasing brand awareness during the exposure phase of the conversion process. Ads can be tailored to any demographic, inviting them to explore a particular site based on the types of services they are looking for on the web.

A PPC campaign may also involve remarketing to those who previously expressed an interest in a business by viewing its website. Plastic Surgery PPC marketing leads visitors to optimized landing pages, which then navigates them through each subsequent step of the conversion journey.

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Types of results we achieve for our clients

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when adjusting the
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Landing Pages

At Plastic Surgery Studios, we combine compelling visuals with data-driven content and mobile-friendly adaptability to create finely tuned websites and landing pages reflective of ads.

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Supplementing websites with a PPC management program involves advertising in the form of streamlined ads. Ads can be purchased to draw consumers to your business based on what services they are researching and what concerns they seek solutions for.

“Tactical marketing tailored to your target demographics.”

Carl, Marketing Director
Presentation: A/B Testing


A/B testing of advertisements helps us understand and define the most opportune action keywords that work for a specific service and a targeted user. By implementing a thorough testing process, we can identify website elements that work, collect user data, and track conversion rates.

“Proper testing and measurement are crucial in determining effectiveness.”

Michael, CEO

Maximize Your ROI

After the initial keyword research, we create campaigns, ad groups, ad copy that focus on specific topics, services, and locations to better target your audience. From there, the PPC campaigns are goal focused in your account and we can move our clients’ budget to more rewarding elements in their campaigns. As a PPC agency we monitor your ad spend, the competition, cost and the overall performance of the ad campaigns to achieve your goals. Our clients know what demographics we are targeting, ad formats and keywords we are utilizing, and where their budget is being used.

Our PPC management services maximize your investment using strategic ad groups, transparency with clients, and effective reporting and testing.

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Advertising Channels

Making the most of your web marketing investment is a top priority. The best PPC advertising platforms are search engines and social media platforms. Our marketing team at Plastic Surgery Studios uses the following PPC tools to develop advanced and profitable advertising:

  • Google Ads (formerly Adwords)
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Microsoft ads, also known as Bing ads

FAQs about PPC

What is the difference between SEO and PPC?

If you think about SEO (search engine optimization) as the organic or natural process of gaining traffic to your site over time and PPC as the “quick start” paid strategy, this will help you with your decision and determine your budget.

Where will my ads appear on a search engine page?

Ads can be located anywhere on a search engine results page. Yours may be placed above or below organic search results as well as on either side of the list.

Can PPC alone increase traffic to my website and business?

PPC is designed to complement other plastic surgery marketing strategies such as SEO, social networking, and website optimization. While PPC marketing can draw more visitors to your website via search engines, a comprehensive marketing plan can hold visitor attention and ultimately lead to a higher conversion rate.

How long do PPC campaigns last?

Your PPC campaign should last as long as you want. Indeed, PPC campaigns do not really end. However, this does not mean your PPC campaign should run on autopilot. Hiring a reliable plastic surgeon marketing agency to help you manage your PPC campaigns is the surest way to get the most bang for your buck.

How does PPC help with conversion rate optimization?

PPC attracts the target demographic to your website by making your site more visible on search engines. An increase in online visibility leads to more site traffic and a higher chance of conversion.

We use conversion rate optimization (CRO) to not only increase the number of site visitors but to also prompt site visitors to engage with the website. For optimal conversion, all of our clients’ web pages include CRO-centric features, calls to action, and call tracking using a local phone number.

Is the combination of SEO and PPC best for business growth?

Using a combined strategy of organic growth through traditional plastic surgery SEO and jump-starting your visibility with PPC (pay per click) is a solid strategy, and the combination of both is often the best and fastest method of growing your business.

Is it necessary to invest in PPC advertising if I am already paying for plastic surgeon web design and SEO services?

If you are already paying for plastic surgery SEO and web design services, you may be wondering if you really need to pay for PPC advertising. Although SEO is a solid cosmetic surgery marketing technique, it can take a long time to bring the desired traffic. This is because competition is extremely tough. On the other hand, Plastic surgery PPC advertising will immediately start bringing traffic and keep improving with time.

How long does it take to see results from a PPC advertising campaign?

Once your PPC advertisement goes live, you should start to receive some traffic from it. However, you will need at least a week to have adequate data to assess the impact of a PPC campaign on the overall traffic to your site. However, it is important to note that the results will continue improving with proper PPC management.

How much do I need to be personally involved in my plastic surgery PPC campaigns?

If you decide to try DIY PPC management, you will need to do everything on your own. Unfortunately, this can take a lot of your time and affect your ability to focus on your job as a plastic surgeon or an aesthetician. On the other hand, if you choose to seek our professional PPC management services, you will be free to get involved as much as you like. Whether you want to get involved to some extent or want us to help you handle every aspect of managing your PPC campaign, we will be ready to work with you. Either way, we will provide regular reports to ensure you know how your campaigns are doing.

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