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Certified Google Partner Agency

For an agency to become certified as a Google Partner, it must demonstrate expertise in the three categories determined to be critical by Google: advertisements, asset management, and company performance.
Any agency that has met the criteria will have the following partner badge displayed on their website:

Google Partner

Many marketing organizations claim to be able to help grow your online presence through Google’s search platform, but only Certified Partners are trusted by Google to deliver on that promise.

Google Advertisements

Any Certified Google Partner must have representatives who are also certified in Google Ads.

Logo: Google Ads

The process of certification is extensive and comprehensive, which means any organization certified by Google will have a staff that is knowledgeable about the Google Ads ecosystem.
This means any budget you allocate toward advertising through Google will be handled by someone who knows how to maximize your conversion rates and grow your clientele.

Asset Management

But we—and Google—understand that knowledge alone is not enough, which is why Google also requires their Certified Partners to maintain a minimum spending portfolio across their clientele.

When you pick a Certified Google Partner like Plastic Surgery Studios to help with your digital marketing needs, you know the agency has a wealth of experience gathered from handling numerous clients and personally dealing with their accounts.

That includes everything from search engine optimization (SEO), mobile friendly web design and development, consulting services, branding strategy, to monitoring all of the metrics involved in their Google Analytics and reporting our findings.

That history leads to faster and stronger results for your own business.

Company Performance

Just because a company handles a large volume of accounts doesn’t mean they are doing it well.

This is why the last component of the Certified Google Partner program requires a company to maintain a successful portfolio proving a steady stream of ad revenue and growth in their client base.

By carefully examining criteria such as customer retention and overall revenue growth, Google makes sure they are only certifying companies that have a history of implementing actionable marketing plans for their clients.

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