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Let us help you increase your online visibility and generate optimal web traffic.

At Plastic Surgery Studios, our collaborative team of marketers, designers, and writers work together to overcome search engine obstacles and ensure that your website helps establish you as a leader in your field. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a web development process designed to improve the search engine authority of a given website. Traffic is directed to a site primarily through organic search engine navigation, so cultivating strong internet visibility is crucial for lead generation and increasing conversion rates.

In addition to your beautiful website, a great before and after photo gallery, and excellent content, there are behind-the-scenes activities that are of equal importance. In some cases, they are even more important for making your site highly effective at driving patients to your practice to increase revenue. Our SEO experts plan and use best practices in the management of your search optimization from niche backlinks, to keyword research to ensure you reach your search rankings goal.

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Types of results we achieve for our clients

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Local Optimization

Local optimization involves improving a business’ local ranking in unpaid, organic search engine results, increasing web traffic and a return on investment (ROI) without relying on paid advertising campaigns.

Building Awareness

Gaining awareness in your own community or in a wider market takes all marketing strategies working in harmony. Your website is your most valuable tool, but so is strategic SEO to bring your ideal patients to your door. Today, it is not enough to use just one avenue to become known… and admired.


Due to the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, most web browsing is done using mobile devices. At Plastic Surgery Studios, all of our pages are built to include easy viewing across devices, click-to-call features, meta information, and structured data.


Written Content

High quality, relevant, and clearly written content is what generates website traffic, and this is what tells the search engines that your website is the best choice to meet the needs of people looking for your services. In your case, it’s, of course, aesthetic procedures –– one of the most popular subjects online today. Quality content is a must as part of your SEO strategy to improve your search results and make any link building efforts more viable.

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Encouraging Organic
Web Traffic With SEO

When a site is fortified with both educational information and a user-friendly architecture, it is more visible to those surfing the web, checking out Google Maps or Apple Maps. Calculated website optimization increases the probability of conversion by appealing to potential consumers early and keeping visitors engrossed in the material.

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FAQs about SEO

Is search engine optimization (SEO) still needed to market my website?

In recent years, this question has come up time and time again due to the significant rise of social media. At Plastic Surgery Studios, we have examined and scrutinized this issue from every angle possible. What we can assure you is, the practice of SEO to increase your rankings and improve your online presence is the foundational component that drives traffic to your door.

How do search engines determine what is valuable content and what is not?

Most people are familiar with the basic search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo), all of which are trying to provide valuable information for their users. How they provide value is by reviewing the content on millions of websites 24 hours a day. This review process is referred to as “crawling” each website’s content in order to determine the best choices for each user searching for specific terms. For a local business with one or more locations, this also includes taking into account reviews, listings (also called citations) such as yelp, the location address to display on maps, phone number and the area you serve.

What is a click-through rate (CTR), and why is it important for my website?

A click-through rate refers to the number of times a link or advertisement is clicked on from a search engine list. Using valuable keywords and keyword phrases when composing optimized meta titles and descriptions can result in an increased CTR as well as a higher conversion rate.

What are meta descriptions?

Meta descriptions are short, straightforward, and structured statements that describe the content of a web page using authoritative keywords and keyword phrases. While they are not calculated in Google’s search engine algorithm, creating succinct yet complete meta descriptions can have a powerful impact on CTR and the overall success of a website.

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