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All great brands have the “consistency factor”

Think of the brands you recognize instantly, like Starbucks, Apple, and Target. They project a consistent identity no matter where you see them, whether online, in print, or on the side of a bus. Messages might change, but attitude, personality, and brand attributes do not.

Your website and marketing materials should maintain brand consistency. We can create all forms of print materials as solo projects or monthly marketing packages to maintain your brand awareness and uniformity.

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Print promo: Gift cards

Print Promotion

In aesthetic marketing, everything has to be beautiful, including brochures, event invitations, posters, and more. Remember, every piece of paper that has your name and logo on it needs to reflect your brand and encourage people to take some sort of action.

Our designers and writers know how to make your print dollars work for you.

  • Print Ads
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Billboards
  • Booklets
  • Brochures
  • Banners
Presentation: eblast

Email Marketing

Staying in front of your patients’ and clients’ database and getting them to return for more services is the job of an email blast campaign.

After so many years producing successful e-blasts, we not only design and write them, but we also advise you about the tactics that are most successful. These might be specials, event announcements, patient stories, staff introductions, or new procedure promotions. Our process includes research, planning, implementation of mobile friendly content. As well as performance tracking, analysis, and reporting for the campaigns


Print advertising has certainly changed over the last 10 years, as consumers do more of their shopping online and through social media. However, there are certain regional locations in which print is still a worthwhile investment.

Print marketing today is more successful when done in conjunction with other campaigns running at the same time. A good example would be billboards and radio being supported by local print, provided the demographics have a good readership in the community. This could also be supported by online programs like search engine optimization or public relations

Presentation: Loyalty Program

Loyalty Programs

As a society, we have come to expect some type of frequent purchaser rewards from most of the businesses we shop from routinely. Airlines, hotels, and Starbucks have been doing this for years. Guess what? It works! People like to buy from businesses that value their loyalty.

Over the last 10 years, we have been helping our clients create customized loyalty programs. As a result, we’ve seen a marked increase in recurring sales. These types of programs are ideal for social media and ongoing e-blast marketing campaigns as well as events.

It’s simple, and the development of your program can be customized using web and video to the exact specifications you would like to share with your clients and patients. We can discuss monthly, annual, and subscription options that are all possible.

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FAQs about Marketing Services

How often do you recommend we send out e-blasts?

The key is to keep in front of your database and provide valuable information and attractive specials without overwhelming your patients. Doing this will help you reach your company goals and boost your ROI. Generally, we recommend sending out a monthly e-blast accompanied by social media mentions and in-practice promotion.

Does print advertising still work?

Yes, print advertising works under the right circumstances. Its effectiveness may depend on the geographic location of your practice. For some, it has been a tremendous source of new leads, especially when part of layered campaigns with multiple marketing media, such as billboards and radio.

Can you handle the actual printing of a brochure or other piece?

Yes, we work with excellent cost-effective printers and would be happy to provide you with a firm quote and timeline.

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