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Using Facebook and Instagram Ads to Connect Your Brand to Your Audience: Aesthetic Society News, Winter 2022

March 07, 2022 in Industry News

Screenshot of Aesthetic Society Winter 2022 newsletter, page 55

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Your brand is more than what you do. It conveys who you are as a business, what you stand for, and what your potential patients or clients can expect when they ask for your services. 

There are many channels for practices to reach and communicate with their target audience, and right now, social media channels are certainly one of the most prevalent. Much of your target audience use social media apps (like Facelift and Instagram) every day, making these platforms invaluable to your marketing strategies.

Therefore, advertising on social media can be extremely valuable to your practice and your marketing efforts. 

Plastic Surgery Studios contributed an article in the  Aesthetic Society News Winter 2022 edition  (page 55). Here, we examine how to successfully use video ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to help connect your audience to your brand.

What Types of Social Media Marketing Content Are Most Valuable 

About half of the world’s population (about 7.7 billion people) use social media. This makes these platforms some of the most influential arenas available.

And, fortunately, social media allows you to promote your practice online by reaching your target audience directly. 

Even on social media, there are many avenues and tools available to you. Often, the most type of content (as seen by marketers) is video content and carousel ads. Each campaign will have different metrics available, such as: likes, comments, shares, views, impressions. Optimizing your campaigns has a secondary benefit of building your fans and followers.

What Makes Video So Effective?

Audiences love videos. And for a good reason. They are simple, easy to digest, and don’t require a lot of work for the audience. These reasons all contribute to success.

Videos Improve Engagements on Social Media

Research has shown that video posts on Instagram get more engagement than photo posts (almost 49 percent more). 

Users are also twice as likely to re-post and share videos than other types of content (like photos or articles).

And so, according to top marketers, using video ads on social media platforms is highly beneficial.

Improve Your Brand With Video Ads

The more potential customers know your brand, the more likely they are to connect. And the more they connect, the more likely that interest will turn into a lead. 

Video ads allow you to offer your services in a personable way that creates a deeper connection with your audience.

Where Can You Place Video Ads on Facebook and Instagram?

When it comes to advertising on social media, you have a couple of different options, including:

  • In-stream: ads within video content already being viewed on social 
  • News feeds: you can show up in Facebook News Feeds or Instagram in-feed video ads (which are shown in between a user’s regular feed content
  • Stories: Short-form content on Facebook and Instagram

Interested in Learning More About Social Media Ads?

If you are interested in learning more about how you can benefit from video ads on social media platforms, contact our skilled marketing and social media team at Plastic Surgery Studios to learn more. 

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