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Our Article in The Aesthetic Society’s Summer 2022 Issue: “Successful Marketing Strategies in a Privacy-First Landscape”

June 15, 2022 in Industry News

Screen shot of the Summer 2022 Aesthetic Society newsletter, page 79.

We recently contributed an article to The Aesthetic Society’s Summer 2022 newsletter regarding what companies and marketers can expect in terms of privacy, cookies, and tracking conversions.

Recently, we have seen a lot of changes regarding the above, and 2023 will be even more significant.

Read our full article in the Summer 2022 issue from The Aesthetic Society (page 79).

Looking Ahead to 2023 and the Shift Away From Third-Party Cookies

Companies and markets use third-party data (third-party cookies) to gain insight about their users in order to create more targeted ads. 

However, as you can imagine given the name, third-party data is collected by a third party (an outside company) and sold to advertisers and marketers. 

According to Google, only 10% of the population was covered by privacy regulation in 2020. This is expected to rise to 65% in 2023. Because of this, there will be a significant impact on how much internet activity can be tracked, meaning that third-party data will no longer be able to play a significant role.

Enter the Realm of First-Party Data 

While data will still be collected and analyzed, it will be done with first-party data. 

First-party data is collected directly by your company. This information can be collected from:

  • Google analytics
  • Your website
  • Phone calls
  • Mobile apps
  • Emails and SMS
  • In-store purchases and interactions 

You will still be able to use this information to learn about your users and customers, including their demographics, interests, and purchase histories. The only real difference between this and previous practices is that this data is being collected by you, meaning it is owned by you.

Why Is First-Party Data Better?

This practice provides many benefits.

  • You own the information you collect
  • It is cost-effective (since the data is collected for free and you are no longer paying a third party for it)
  • It’s more transparent and safer for privacy
  • Since your users need to provide content, you can rest assured that you are following all legal policies
  • You collect data that is more specific to your needs
  • You get to know your audience better

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