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Our Article in The Aesthetic Society’s Fall 2022 Issue: Leveraging Structured Data for Content Enhancement Opportunities

November 30, 2022 in Industry News

Screen shot of page 61 of The Aesthetic Society Fall 2022 newsletter

We recently contributed an article to The Aesthetic Society’s Fall 2022 newsletter regarding content enhancement opportunities.

Read our full article in the Fall 2022 issue from The Aesthetic Society (page 61).

The Challenge…

As much as we all want our content to rank on page one of Google, accomplishing that feat is an entirely different situation. 

One one to help boost your chances of ranking is using structured data (or schema markup) on your web pages. While this tool has been around for a while, it is becoming even more important as competition grows.

Understanding Structured Data

Structured data (markup) is a type of HTML code that helps Google and other search engines better understand your content. Schema markup allows search engine bots and readers to best identify, classify, and navigate the type of information on any given web page. And when search engines know how to interpret your content, they can better display it on SERPs.

This markup is not seen on the published page. It is only used on the back end to communicate with the search engines.

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