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Using Omnichannel Digital Campaigns to Deliver Your Brand’s Voice: Aesthetic Society News, Spring 2022

May 12, 2022 in Content Marketing, Industry News

Aesthetic Society Spring 2022 page 67 showing article on omnichannel marketing

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Brand authenticity is more than fancy words used by marketers. It is — at its core — a deep reflection of who you (and your practice or company) are at the deepest level and the unique way you deserve to be seen and understood by your current and potential clients/patients.

There are many ways to deliver this brand’s voice to your audience. Right now, one of the best ways is through omnichannel digital campaigns. 

Plastic Surgery Studios contributed an article in the Aesthetic Society News Spring 2022 edition (page 67). Here, we examine how to successfully use omnichannel digital campaigns to deliver your brand’s authentic voice.

What Are Omnichannel Digital Marketing Campaigns?

The ways in which people have found companies’ services (like plastic surgeons) has changed significantly over the decades. Yellow pages and directories became the all-important website. And while the value of a good website cannot be undermined, it is not always enough anymore. 

Now, men and women want customized experiences that span across various online platforms (web, social, email, etc.) to get the information they need to help them make informed decisions on purchases (including cosmetic treatments).

Omnichannel digital campaigns take advantage of multiple channels. These can include:

What is more, these approaches need to maintain a consistent and identifiable brand voice.

Omnichannel marketing strategies create a cohesive, consistent, and integrated brand experience across multiple channels. This all-encompassing, personally curated marketing strategy helps identify potential consumers and guides them through the sales funnel, making it easier and more likely for them to make a conversion. 

When done well, omnichannel marketing can create a seamless transition between web, social, email, and more to enhance the user experience.

How Do Omnichannel Approaches Differ From Previous Approaches?

The omnichannel marketing approach has simply developed and grown from previously used multi-channel digital marketing tactics. This new approach fills in some of the gaps left behind with multi-channel approaches for a more complete and cohesive experience.

Much like the name implies, a multi-channel marketing approach uses two or more channels. This could include a website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc. 

With multi-channel (even though they were promoting the same company/brand), the platforms were not connected. Instead, each functioned independently. 

With omnichannel, the information gathered from one platform is automatically shared with the other platforms, creating a seamless network of information gathering that could be used to customize and optimize marketing efforts.  

For instance, with an omnichannel marketing strategy, if someone interacts with a social media post regarding breast augmentation, they will then see a social media ad about breast augmentation. If they click on that ad, they will then be directed to your website’s breast augmentation page. With this type of campaign, that first engagement puts an entire personalized marketing strategy into motion.

This allows you to build a more cohesive branding and marketing strategy targeted to your specific audience. In turn, this will enable a better user experience.

Cover of Aesthetic Society Spring 2022 Newsletter

Is It Time to Rethink Your Digital Marketing Campaign Efforts?

If you are only using one platform to advertise your company or brand (or even using a multi-channel approach), you are leaving a lot on the table.

Omnichannel strategies offer a consumer-centric approach that helps ensure your message gets out there. And because the ads are tailored to your audiences’ interests, it is easy to connect with them without feeling like you are bombarding and overwhelming them with too much information. 

Just keep a few things in mind:

  • Consistency is key
    • Omnichannel approaches succeed by offering a seamless, cohesive brand. Know yourself, know your brand, and make sure it can be seen on every platform.
  • Know your audience
    • Just like you need to know yourself, you also need to know your audience (or various audiences).

This extra care and customization will come out in your digital marketing efforts, and your audience will thank you for it.

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