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Staying Brand Consistent With Your Social Media

November 06, 2023 in Internet Marketing, Social Media


The digital age has introduced businesses to a wide variety of marketing channels, social media being among the most influential. Social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok, attract billions of users, making them an excellent place for brands to introduce themselves to the world. Unfortunately, many brands tend to struggle when it comes to maintaining a consistent presence on social media.

In other words, brand consistency is one aspect of social media marketing that many brands fail to get right.

For a business, brand consistency involves ensuring that the way they pass along their messages matches their company’s overall strategy and core values. This is done in both the look of the posts (colors, logos, etc.) as well as the overall “feel” and “vibe.”

But why is brand consistency important, and how can you stay brand-consistent on social media?

Importance of Brand Consistency

The importance of brand consistency in marketing cannot be overemphasized. Indeed, it makes it easy for people to recognize and remember you. People who positively associate with your brand are more likely to trust your practice and seek your services.

Besides, by creating brand consistency, you effectively establish and reinforce qualities people can easily cite when recommending your practice to others on social media and elsewhere.

Brand consistency is an effective way to build trust, establish brand authority, and stand out from the competition.

How to Be Brand-Consistent on Social Media

There are many things you can do to establish brand consistency on social media. Some of the basic steps you should take include:

Always Use the Exact Company Logo

Your practice’s logo is one of the essential components of your brand. When you think of any big brand you know, its logo is something you remember.

For example, when you see the logos of companies like Coca-Cola, Google, and Apple, you will remember the products associated with these brands without further explanation.

These companies have made their logos easily recognizable for years by keeping them unchanged. If you want to follow in their footsteps, you need to use your exact company logo all the time and across all your social media accounts. To this end, you can build a simple logo using Canva and apply it consistently across social media and other marketing materials.

Always Use Exact Company Colors

Company color is also an important component of your brand. Color is a visual element that is easy for people to see and remember. Therefore, to create brand consistency, you need to determine your exact company color and use it consistently in your social media marketing.

This way, people will gradually start associating your company color with your brand and products.

Choose Your Fonts and Stick With Them

Fonts are another element of your brand you must pay close attention to. The choice of fonts usually consists of primary and secondary typefaces that suit each other. To establish brand consistency and make your brand more recognizable on social media, you must consistently use the same fonts in all your business-related communications.

Use Consistent Tone in All Your Content

Of course, people will only follow you on social media if they have a reason to do so. Therefore, you must keep your audience engaged by consistently publishing and sharing valuable content.

To build brand consistency, you need to create brand guidelines that all your social media content follows. Doing this will maintain a unique tone that people will associate with your brand. With the brand guidelines, you can keep the style consistent no matter who creates social media content for your practice.

Social Media Platforms

Using Apps Like Canva Makes It Easier for Your Posts to Be Consistent

Brand consistency should be an integral part of your social media marketing strategy. It is an excellent way of making it easier for people to recognize your brand. Brand consistency is also a good way of creating brand loyalty.

Although staying brand-consistent is not easy, you can simplify the job using Canva. Canva offers many excellent branding solutions that will go a long way in helping you build brand consistency through social media and even print marketing material.

For under $120 per year, Canva will allow you to upload a comprehensive branding kit, access thousands of templates to create consistent social media content, customize the templates, and consistently schedule social media posts.

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