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Maximize Your Local Visibility With Geoleasing

April 17, 2019 in Internet Marketing, Pay Per Click

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Marketing your plastic surgery practice is essential for gaining and maintaining visibility in the competitive aesthetic industry. One of the unique and innovative marketing options offered exclusively by Plastic Surgery Studios is geoleasing. Geoleasing allows surgeons across the globe to utilize one of our two easily recognizable domain names to attract potential patients near their practice and incorporate this domain into their traditional marketing efforts.

How Does Geoleasing Work?

If a patient were to enter one of our domain names in the URL bar of their browser, they would be forwarded to the nearest leaseholder’s website. Because the selected domain names are leased according to a surgeon’s county or the surrounding counties, clients in other areas can also use geoleasing in their region.

Location-Based Strategy

Geoleasing reaches web users in the leaseholder’s location based on a variety of factors, including (but not limited to) the user’s: IP address, cell tower IDs, GPS location, and Wifi access points. This approach ensures that potential patients in proximity reach the nearest surgeon using their desired domain.

Geoleasing and Your Practice

Any U.S. or international plastic surgeon can benefit from geoleasing in their region of choice. We offer leasing benefits for both for board-certified plastic surgeons and for those who have not yet earned board certification. These domains can be incorporated into traditional advertising methods, including:

  • Billboards and street signs
  • Print ads (i.e., newspapers and magazines)
  • Television
  • Radio

Geoleasing and Digital Marketing

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At Plastic Surgery Studios, we provide our clients with a range of services that can be customized to their unique practice brand and business objectives. Reaching your target demographic with geoleasing can help attract potential patients in the early “awareness” stages of the conversion funnel. Devising a robust digital marketing campaign helps guide them through the funnel by piquing their interest with captivating web design, educational content, and other innovative tools. Adopting a comprehensive marketing strategy can put you on the map, making you more accessible and visible in the digital world.

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