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4 Best Landing Page Qualities That Drive Conversions

April 30, 2019 in Content Marketing, Local Search, Pay Per Click

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Modern digital marketers achieve a great deal of success using strategically developed landing pages. A landing page is an incentivized web page with a specific conversion objective. All practices with an online presence can benefit from creating action-oriented landing pages and including them in their unique digital marketing endeavors.

Design and Content Matter

The purpose of a landing page is to engage the reader and deliver the necessary information quickly and concisely. Audiences respond well to designs and content that are approachable and easy to digest.

Here are 4 essential qualities of the most successful landing pages:

1. Responsive design: Because most people use their mobile devices for browsing the internet, creating landing pages with a responsive web design is crucial. This approach allows a web page to fit multiple formats (from desktop to tablet and more) and still deliver a pleasing user experience.

2. Visual stimulation: Designing a landing page with interesting graphic elements and a streamlined layout helps to keep audiences engaged. Experimenting with different types of media can help you decide which work best for your target demographic. However, it is important not to overwhelm readers with pop-ups and flashy components.

3. Concise delivery: Landing pages should be quick and to the point. Short forms, minimalistic design, and explicit content give readers information they are looking for and a rundown of the advantages of converting. Remember: the goal of the landing page is to drive an action and commitment from the reader; you are asking them to do one thing, and it’s clear what it should be (i.e., make a phone call, fill out a contact form, etc.).

4. Optimized content: Carefully considering the type of language and information to include in a landing page is best accomplished with SEO-friendly content. To write content that converts, you must know your audience and what material will interest them. Think about the funnel stage they are on and their intention. The whole customer journey needs to be assessed and the landing page’s position within that journey. Where does it fall and how can you tailor the content to fit in that stage?

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The Plastic Surgery Studios Approach

At Plastic Surgery Studios, we use programs that are integrated with Google Analytics and Google Ads, providing a complete conversion strategy backed by and synced with detailed real-time data. These tools also give us the opportunity to personalize landing pages depending on the elements towards which the target demographic gravitates and help us to improve our workflow for our clients.

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