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5 Easy and Effective Ways to Get More Conversions on Your Website

November 09, 2021 in Pay Per Click

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What’s Covered in This Blog? 

What Is a Website Conversion? 

In digital marketing, website conversions occur when your site visitors take the desired action that is beneficial for your business. 

In the plastic surgery and aesthetic industry, the conversions we refer to are generally a visitor filling out a contact form or calling the number on your website. They may be inquiring about a procedure or reaching out to schedule a consultation. 

These actions are valuable to your practice because they mean a potential for increased business. 

How Is Conversion Rate Calculated?

Your conversion rate is the number of people who visit your landing page and convert on your site divided by how many visit your site.

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization in SEO? 

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) involves improving features of your site to increase the percentage of conversions. 

While many factors can affect your conversion rate, such as how much trust visitors have in your brand and how much traffic your site gets, there are ways to improve elements of your website and encourage visitors to take your desired action.

What Website Elements Increase Conversions?

On all your landing pages you should start with strong headlines that include your value proposition. Also, keep in mind that people are easily intimidated by large chunks of text and are less likely to read the content if it’s formatted like this. Break up your content into smaller paragraphs, add subheadings, and use bullet points when possible. This makes it easier for people to skim the page and find the information they’re looking for while you keep their attention.

These formatting strategies also allow for readers to more easily see your call to action at the end of the page. 

2. Calls to Action (CTAs)

The call to action on your website is what tells your target audience what they should do next (what you want them to do to convert).

Prominent and Clickable CTAs

For the best results, avoid having clutter on the page, and make the call to action very visible in your content. If possible, have it be a button or another prominent element they can click.

Make your phone number clickable with a click-to-call link that dials your number on their mobile device or opens for a Facetime call on their desktop.

Fewer CTAs

In most cases, we advise having a single call to action that tells your audience to call your business or fill out your contact form to get more leads. Research shows that fewer calls to action or goals are better in most cases, so only use one or two CTAs on your procedure pages.

You can use a second or third CTA on a blog if needed to target visitors who may be at different stages of the conversion funnel. (These may be people reading your blog who are not ready to contact you yet, who you can direct to view before and after photos or a similar blog or page on your site for more information.)

3. Minimal Required Fields in Contact Forms

If you want higher conversion rates to get more people to fill out your contact form, make it as easy as possible for them. This involves only requiring them to provide minimal information. The more fields they have to fill out, the less likely they are to complete and submit the form.

4. Optimized Website Design 

An optimized website design is good for SEO, meaning it increases organic traffic to your site. And the more site visitors, the more chances of conversions. However, an optimized site design can also help convert website visitors into potential patients.

By making your site design easy to navigate, as ADA accessible as possible, and mobile-friendly, you are improving your website’s functionality and usability. This allows more people to view your site and increases the chances of them converting because they can easily find what they’re looking for.

5. A Good Page Experience 

A good page experience is also beneficial for SEO, as it is a significant ranking factor. But ensuring your visitors have a positive experience on your website will also help them convert. 

Elements such as fast loading times and visual stability help with the user experience and keep people on your website longer and encourage conversions; websites that take longer to load and have layout shifts may lead to higher bounce rates when people get frustrated and leave the site.

Want to Get More Conversions on Your Website? 

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