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How to Strengthen Your Site’s E-A-T for Increased Search Traffic in 2021

October 21, 2021 in Local Search

Illustration saying google at E.A.T. for better SEO

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Google evaluates website content, among other things, to determine the best pages to show searchers regarding their queries.

To be considered one of the best and rank in the search results, your content must demonstrate E-A-T:

E: Expertise
A: Authority
T: Trustworthiness

When Did Google Begin Focusing on E-A-T?

Google’s first installment of the update that prioritized E-A-T was in August 2018 (nicknamed the “Medic Update”). In February 2019, another update was implemented that further refined Google’s assessment of content based on these qualifications.

As we mentioned in our blog about Google’s E-A-T algorithm when it first launched, these updates meant that providing relevant and valuable high-quality content would be essential to your marketing efforts.

Today, E-A-T continues to be a main ranking factor, especially for industries like plastic surgery and dentistry.

How Can I Improve My Site’s E-A-T Evaluation?

Anything you can do to reinforce the following on your website will help signal your E-A-T to Google.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

You can’t just claim to be an expert in plastic surgery. To be credible, show how you’re an expert, with comprehensive, extensive, or specialized knowledge in your field and rigorous academic and hands-on training.

By demonstrating this knowledge by providing insightful content in your areas of expertise, you will be following the SEO guidelines that Google has given to every webmaster. Don’t write website content about all things; focus on your advice and tips on the niche and the products or services you offer. While you may be tempted to write about multiple subject areas to reach more people, Google will likely see you as a Jack of all trades and master of none.

Show Google you’re a master with the knowledge of an expert in your field.

Verify Your Authority

As the primary author, illustrate that you’re a recognized authority in your field through your licenses, certifications, and memberships as well as the respect garnered from your peers and prestigious organizations. All your blog posts should include an author bio and this is a perfect place to show your experience and build trust.

Support this by providing your credentials, honors, and other relevant accolades. If you have an about page with this information, link to it from your claims to back up your statements. If your credentials are shown on a reputable site, link to that page to further verify your authority.

Establish Your Trustworthiness

Establish yourself and your website as a highly reliable source of accurate information. Only make statements that are honest and truthful, and provide evidence to support your assertions.

Any time you make a claim without saying how you came to that conclusion or got that information, you are failing to demonstrate the trustworthiness of the content on your website.

Let Us Show Google Your Value and Relevance With E-A-T

Our digital marketing experts understand how to promote your website as a source of trustworthy information from a recognized industry expert.

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