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The Best Copywriting Strategies to Reach Your Target Audience

May 17, 2021 in SEO Copywriting

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Table of Contents 

What Is a Target Audience? 

How to Find Your Target Audience and Build Customer Personas

Writing for Your Intended Audience

Blogging for Your Customer Personas 

Using Appropriate Tone and Style

Reach Your Target Audience Now 

The purpose of most websites is to reach potential customers (or for plastic surgery practice websites, to reach potential patients). Digital marketing relies on well-written website content to attract your target audience and sell them your products or services. 

However, copywriting for the web is about more than just explaining what you offer. In addition to using SEO copywriting strategies, it’s about connecting with your readers and showing that you understand their needs, concerns, and perspectives. By speaking to their unique personalities, you can show them how and why your company’s services benefit them.

What Is a Target Audience

A target audience is the group of people you want your company’s message or information to reach. If your marketing goal is to convert your readers into customers, your target audience is your intended customers or patients.

Your target audience can be defined by demographics such as age, gender, location, ethnicity, education, income, and employment. 

While you may want to target everyone, the most effective writing on your site will be for a specific audience. 

How to Find Your Target Audience and Build Customer Persona

Each of your services or procedures may have a different target audience, and each service may also have multiple customer personas. Your customer personas are the semi-fictional characters that represent your individual or potential customers. 

To effectively reach your target audience, you must create customer personas to identify and understand their values, behaviors, motivations, and feelings. In addition to knowing their more general demographics, you should clearly define the characteristics and personalities of each customer or buyer persona. 

Are they shy or outgoing? Are they up-to-date on the latest trends? Are they confident or more self-conscious? Are they willing to spend extra money for quality services, or are they focused on saving as much as they can? 

If you are a plastic surgeon, you have likely seen many different types of people coming in for breast augmentation.

There are women with naturally small breasts who want to enlarge them. Within that target audience, there are women who want a more conservative increase in breast size, and there are those who want a more obvious augmentation. There are the college students concerned about the price, and there are older women who may be more concerned about their results. 

Then you have the women who have experienced breast deflation after pregnancy and breastfeeding, and those who want to enhance the shape of their breasts or improve symmetry. 

Within these groups, there are many different motivations and ideals. 

Illustration showing the words that help decipher your target audience for web content

By creating clearly defined audience profiles, you can write content that speaks directly to them.

Writing for Your Intended Audience

Once you understand the mindsets of your target customers, you can create content that shows you understand their individual concerns and what is important to them. Provide answers to their most commonly asked questions, offer support for wherever they are on their journey, and show the value in what you offer them.

Write with purpose to provide beneficial content for your target customers. Allow them to see the advantages your company can provide.

Blogging for Your Customer Personas 

While your service pages probably explain what you offer, they should also touch on the various concerns and questions your audience has. These pages are extremely beneficial to your site; however, blogs are the most effective way to reach each customer persona with posts crafted specifically for them. You can link from your service pages to the blogs for people to easily find more information on a particular subject that applies to them. 

Using Appropriate Tone and Style 

While what you write is important, how you write it is equally crucial. Your word choices, sentence structures, and sentence arrangements convey the mood, tone, and voice of your messaging. 

If your customers are very proper, your style should match that. If they are more casual, your writing can be more friendly. If they are at a particular reading level, your writing should be at that level. If you’re writing for novices, don’t use a lot of jargon they won’t understand. 

Writing with syntax and diction that match your audience’s level of expertise and personality will ensure your message doesn’t get lost in translation.

Reach Your Target Audience Now

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