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April 7th, 2015 by Doug

Local Listing Optimization

Leaders in Digital Marketing

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Since 1999, we have been a leader in online digital marketing almost exclusively for plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, cosmetic dentists, and medical professionals worldwide. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced specialists is dedicated to growing your practice by designing dynamic websites, writing unique and engaging content, and implementing effective marketing strategies.

 Website Optimization

We’re giving away a completely FREE Website Optimization to all members who visit our Booth (#1211) May 16-18.

    • Page Titles
    • Crawler/Bot Accessibility
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    • Google Analytics Setup
    • Review for compliance with Google’s best practices
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Can Your Patients Find You Online?

February 18th, 2015 by Doug

Local Listing Optimization
Can Your Patients Find You Online?

Maintaining accurate and consistent business data across all of your local listings is a crucial component of your online marketing success. Have you ever wondered why some practices soar to the top of search engines, or a newcomer seems to edge out everyone else in the map or local results? Accurate, consistent, and complete data sent to all of the proper listings is the key!

What are local listings?

A local business listing is an online profile that contains your business name, address, phone number, and other details such as your specialty. Examples of local listings include: Google My Business, Yelp, and Bing Places.

To qualify for a business listing you must meet each of the following requirements:

  1. Have a business name or DBA
  2. Have a local phone number that matches the city where you are located (not a shared phone number, toll-free number, or call tracking number)
  3. Have a dedicated physical street address (not a shared address, PO box, or virtual office)

Local Listing Hurdles

Practices, especially those established for many years, face many challenges in the local listing space.

  • Duplicate listings
  • Incorrect or inaccurate information across listings
  • Incomplete or subpar profiles

Any number of these issues will hinder ability to appear to potential patients searching for your services online.

Plastic Surgery Studios Can Manage Your Listings

Our team of dedicated Local Optimization Experts meticulously evaluates every opportunity for improving your local search presence. Here are just a few of the benefits of working with us to achieve success:

  • Submission to Major Data Aggregators
  • Submission to Top Tier & Second Tier Listings
  • Complete & Verified Profiles
  • Identification and closure of all duplicate listings
  • We correct and reverify all inaccurate, incorrect, or insufficient listings
  • Results you can actually see

Isn’t it time your patients were able to find you online? Speak with one of our Local Optimization Experts today!


Celebrating 15 Years

February 5th, 2015 by Amelia Shores

PSSAs we begin our 16th year in business, we at Plastic Surgery Studios would like to take some time to reflect on our past and celebrate all that we’ve accomplished over the years.

Our company has always been family-owned and operated, and we emphasize a sense of community and family with our employees. From holiday lunches to going bowling and to sporting events together, our staff at Plastic Surgery Studios enjoys spending time together and building strong, positive relationships.

MedAve.PSSPlastic Surgery Studios began in 1999 as a company originally called Med Avenue, which was founded by our CEO and President, Michael J. Powers, and his brother Greg Powers in Ontario, California. was a directory website that listed physicians and dentists throughout the United States on one site to help people find a specialist in their own area. The site became a social networking and community site for prospective patients to find helpful information and reviews, connect with previous patients, and gain moral support. Med Avenue also helped doctors with lead generation before Google Search became widely used, and doctors could pay for an upgraded listing if they so desired.

PSS.ASPS2008In 2001, the company acquired the domain names,, and and another office in Salt Lake City, Utah. These websites expanded to include procedural information, before and after photos, the latest plastic surgery developments and trends, and financing information as well as forums and local plastic surgeon searches.

In addition to these new company websites, Plastic Surgery Studios began doing website design and search engine marketing (SEM) to help individual doctors and practices improve the visibility of their sites and generate leads. Our Internet marketing business took off, and we consolidated into one office at our current location in Rancho Cucamonga, California. We now offer innovative website design and marketing services to accomplish our customers’ objectives.

PSS.Marketing StrategiesA lot has changed in the 15 years we’ve been in business, and it’s been interesting to be a part of the Internet evolution and adapting with it. From AOL as the leading Internet provider in 1999 to Google’s current advanced search engine algorithms, not to mention the evolution of HTML code, we have learned a lot over the years and understand how to employ the most effective Internet marketing strategies.

Going into our 16th year of business, we are excited for all that is to come and look forward to helping many others achieve their Internet marketing goals.
If you’re interested in expanding your business, feel free to call 888.525.6360 or fill out our online contact form today!

Does My Website Need To Be Google Mobile-friendly?

January 29th, 2015 by Doug

Google has officially begun rolling out the recently announced “Mobile-friendly” label for their mobile search result pages. What does this mean for website owners? Essentially, Google is giving recognition (and possible preferential treatment) to websites earning Mobile-friendly status.

Google Mobile-friendly search

What Is Required For Google’s Mobile-friendly label?

A page is eligible for the “mobile-friendly” label if it meets the following criteria as detected by Googlebot:

  • Avoids software that is not common on mobile devices, like Flash
  • Uses text that is readable without zooming
  • Sizes content to the screen so users don’t have to scroll horizontally or zoom
  • Places links far enough apart so that the correct one can be easily tapped

You can use Google’s Mobile-friendly Test to see if your website is mobile-friendly.

What Happens If I’m Not Mobile-friendly?

Right now? Nothing. Google already penalized websites with a bad mobile experience back in June of 2013. The new Mobile-friendly label is simply a boost to qualifying sites and not a penalty. If you consider missing out on the boost to your rankings a passive penalty, then yes you will indirectly be penalized for not having a Mobile-friendly website.

How Long Do I Have To Become Mobile-friendly?

You don’t need to panic. You don’t need to call up your marketing company or webmaster before you have your first cup of coffee. Take a deep breath! You still have time to make all of the necessary updates. The real impact of Google’s Mobile-friendly label will not be apparent for at least a few months.

Can Plastic Surgery Studios Make My Website Mobile-friendly?

Yes! Our team of talented designers can update your existing website or create an entirely new mobile-friendly design that meets both your business’ needs AND Google’s Mobile-friendly requirements. Contact us today and one of our experienced website design specialists will be happy to assist you.

How Long Should My Content Be?

November 13th, 2014 by Amelia Shores

Good content is essential for bringing traffic to your site and generating leads, but people often wonder how long the content on their blogs or procedure pages should be. Some are concerned about reaching a minimum word count, and others go into lengthy detail about every aspect of their topic. In reality, it’s the quality of the words on your page that matter, not the quantity — content length doesn’t really matter.

Quality Content: Short and Sweet

Quality content is informative and relevant yet concise, which keeps readers intrigued and makes them more likely to become leads. Answer common questions or discuss a popular topic, but don’t go into elaborate details or use too much medical jargon. Additionally, don’t add extra “fluff” or stuff keywords just to have more content — this will only confuse or bore your readers. Bullet points and other formatting options are also great for making your content easy to navigate through, especially if you have a lot of essential content to include. If you give your readers the answers they are looking for in a direct, easy-to-read way, you will have a higher chance of converting them into a lead when you combine your content with good conversion practices. To maintain quality content, aim to keep your posts short and sweet, just like this one.

If you would like help with creating high-quality content and achieving your marketing goals, feel free to contact us today.

The Benefits of Using WordPress

October 27th, 2014 by Trevor Walker

Around since 2003, WordPress is a popular choice for managing websites and blogs and is used by more than 22 percent of the top 10 million websites. While there is a wide range of programs used for creating and maintaining websites today, Plastic Surgery Studios finds the WordPress framework to be the most efficient, flexible, and cost effective framework available for our customers. In fact, we build the majority of our clients’ websites on the WordPress framework. Below are just a few of the benefits of using the WordPress framework for your website and/or blog:

Easy to Use

WordPress is easy to use because it allows you to add anything from blogs and images to full-on web pages in just a few minutes. Compared to similar managing programs, WordPress is quick and easy for making updates to your site.


WordPress allows you to update your site by posting blogs, adding procedure pages, publishing before & after photos, adding testimonials, etc. Almost anything you want to add to or update on your site is achievable using WordPress.

Search Engine Optimized

Because the coding that makes up WordPress is very simple, search engines like Google can easily index the content on your site, while keywords can be tagged and meta descriptions added to improve overall optimization.

100% Customizable Control

WordPress gives you control over virtually every aspect of your website, which makes it easy to create your unique brand and provide an engaging experience for your potential customers.

WordPress Won’t Hinder Business Growth

With similar software programs, your website can become crowded as pages are created. WordPress allows you to add thousands of pages without having to worry about your website becoming compromised, so you can focus on growing your business.

Back From the ASPS Meeting in Chicago

October 14th, 2014 by Doug

That’s a wrap! The ASPS meeting in Chicago is over and the Plastic Surgery Studios team is back home in warm (yay!) Southern California. We had the pleasure of meeting with many of you and hope to see you all again next year in Boston!

Check out some of our memorable moments from Chicago below.


The team planning for the show to begin the next morning.



David, Michael, and Jason working hard prepping Booth 319 for the rush of ASPS members arriving the next day.



On the shuttle to McCormick Place convention center. The shuttle service was coordinated extremely well given the fact that the Chicago Marathon was going on at the same time!



Looking down onto the exhibitor hall.



Plastic Surgery Studios’ booth is ready! Our CEO Michael puts on the finishing touches.



Our 10 Point Check Program is a great way to strategize a marketing plan for the coming year. Contact us to learn more.



The whole team celebrating at Giordano’s. AWESOME Chicago style stuffed deep dish pizza.



The BBQ was so good. So was the vegetable. And the classic Chicago style. And the all-meat. Heck, it was all delicious!



After all of that pizza it’s no surprise the salad bowls were still quite full.

How Can a Blog Help My Website?

October 14th, 2014 by Amelia Shores

A blog allows you to keep consistent, high-quality content on your website, which increases your practice’s exposure and helps achieve the ultimate goal: lead generation. Relevant, quality content ranks high in search engines, which increases traffic to your site. Once visitors arrive at your blog, having current, reliable answers to their questions will help establish your authority and build a sense of community. If they find your post helpful, visitors are more likely to share it with friends, which further increases traffic to your site (and the chances of your post going viral). All of these factors work together to give your practice more exposure and help generate leads.

Avoid Overuse of Stock Photos

September 30th, 2014 by Trevor Walker

The photos that you use for your website play a major role in attracting customers. When choosing these pictures, it’s important that you not only stand out from the competition, but also appeal to potential clients in a way that reflects your company in a positive manner.

Avoid Overusing Stock Photos

Stock photos may be a convenient resource to have when you’re in a hurry to finish a project, but in reality, these types of pictures can make your website look generic. Therefore, whenever possible, use photos of your office, your employees, and actual patients to connect with your customers on a more personal and professional level.

Avoid Unrealistic Images

People need to be able to relate to the pictures! Although using photos of actual patients is the best way to show potential clients what they can expect, there are times stock photos are necessary. When this occurs, choose pictures that project realistic results and believable expectations.

7 Social Media Marketing Tips

September 18th, 2014 by Susan Bergreen

Plan Ahead

Take advantage of social media management systems, such as Hootsuite™ and Tweetdeck by Twitter. Both Hootsuite™ and Tweetdeck allow you to schedule posts ahead of time much like Facebook does.

You can decide the exact minute that your post or Tweet is sent out to your followers!

Hootsuite™ allows you to manage multiple social media accounts and various pages inside the account. Currently, you can manage Twitter, Facebook, Google+ pages, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Myspace, WordPress blogs, Vimeo, and more. You can view streams from multiple networks, post updates, and reply directly.

Tweetdeck does not offer multiple platforms like Hootsuite™ does. Tweetdeck is strictly for Twitter but still offers the convenience of scheduling.

Interact Socially

Don’t be a social media wallflower! Get involved with others and join in on their conversations. Engaging with others will make them feel comfortable engaging with you. Think of it as a form of networking. You can easily interact with others by commenting on a post, re-tweeting, or ‘Liking’ pages, photos, and videos. Keep it positive and encouraging when interacting with others.

What’s Trending?

What are the hot topics? What are people talking about? Keep up to date on what is being discussed, and work your way into the topic of conversation.

Add Labels

Enhance your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and start adding labels to pictures, posts, and videos. Make sure to label them correctly! Labels will direct users that are searching for exact or similar content. The more labels you use, the more times a users will be directed to your content.

Good Content

No one wants to read posts from Boring Boris! Make sure your content is interesting, smart, and to the point. Find a good spin on something that is trending, and send it out into the web. Don’t use words or phrases that are too advanced, but don’t ‘dumb it down’ either. The key is to think of yourself as having a conversation with your users.

Brand Yourself

Keep a professional look by using the same image for all platforms. It will make it easier for people to find you. In order to be recognizable, you want to use the same image or logo on all your social media platforms.