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Everything You Need to Know About the Google Possum Update

Posted November 01, 2016 in Local Search

You may or may not have heard about Google’s latest algorithm update, “Possum.” Possum is the largest update to the local search algorithm since the Pigeon update of 2014. What Is the Possum Update? “Possum” is a massive update to the local search algorithm and introduces filtered business results for businesses operating within “clusters.” Right […]

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Understanding How Google Possum Filters Results

Posted October 27, 2016 in Local Search

Google’s latest local algorithm update continues the journey toward merging local and organic ranking signals. Google is now applying filters to businesses that are physically located closest to the searcher, and Google is also optimizing the local result data and content better than ever. What kind of filters? Let’s look at this example: Google Possum’s […]

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Unique Content Isn’t Really Unique Anymore

Posted October 26, 2016 in Content Marketing

You’ve probably heard this “silver bullet strategy” from just about every Internet Marketing Agency that has come your way: “You need UNIQUE CONTENT!” That is completely true. Your content shouldn’t be cut and pasted from someone else’s website and it shouldn’t be stock content copied from society brochures. However, most of you probably have unique […]

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PSS at The Meeting 2016 in Los Angeles

Posted September 27, 2016 in ASPS, Plastic Surgery Studios

Plastic Surgery Studios had the pleasure of attending Plastic Surgery the Meeting 2016 in Los Angeles this weekend. Once again we had the opportunity to meet with our fantastic clients (existing and new) to discuss the latest changes coming to Internet Marketing this years. We look forward to another great year in Plastic Surgery!

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Implementing a Local Reviews Strategy

Posted October 21, 2015 in Internet Marketing, Local Search

The emphasis placed upon reviews in our consumer driven market is unquestionable. Reviews have been and will remain one of the easiest and most effective ways of getting more business online. If you have dozens of glowing reviews and a 5 star rating in your Google Business Listing then congratulations, you can stop reading now and take […]

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Updates to Google Local for Small Business

Posted August 26, 2015 in Internet Marketing, Local Search

Several changes have been made to the ways Google serves up local search information to its users. The Local Stack You may have heard of its predecessor, the “Local 6 Pack.” Well, the “6 Pack” is out and a much leaner, more efficient system for showcasing local businesses has taken its place: The Local Stack. […]

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Join us at The Aesthetic Meeting 2015 in Montreal!

Posted April 07, 2015 in Internet Marketing, SEO

Leaders in Digital Marketing Visit us at Booth #1211 Since 1999, we have been a leader in online digital marketing almost exclusively for plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, cosmetic dentists, and medical professionals worldwide. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced specialists is dedicated to growing your practice by designing dynamic websites, writing unique and engaging content, […]

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Can Your Patients Find You Online?

Posted February 18, 2015 in Local Search

Can Your Patients Find You Online? Maintaining accurate and consistent business data across all of your local listings is a crucial component of your online marketing success. Have you ever wondered why some practices soar to the top of search engines, or a newcomer seems to edge out everyone else in the map or local results? Accurate, […]

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Celebrating 15 Years

Posted February 05, 2015 in Company

As we begin our 16th year in business, we at Plastic Surgery Studios would like to take some time to reflect on our past and celebrate all that we’ve accomplished over the years. Our company has always been family-owned and operated, and we emphasize a sense of community and family with our employees. From holiday […]

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Does My Website Need To Be Google Mobile-friendly?

Posted January 29, 2015 in Website Design

Google has officially begun rolling out the recently announced “Mobile-friendly” label for their mobile search result pages. What does this mean for website owners? Essentially, Google is giving recognition (and possible preferential treatment) to websites earning Mobile-friendly status. What Is Required For Google’s Mobile-friendly label? A page is eligible for the “mobile-friendly” label if it meets the […]

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