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Our Article in The Aesthetic Society’s Winter/Spring 2024 Issue: Adapting Your Web Content to the AI Search Experience 

June 24, 2024 in AI

AI search friendly web content

Once upon a time, a business could be proud of having a web page, but those days are long gone. Though quality content is more important than ever, it’s time to understand that artificial intelligence is now playing a key role in different search engines. Adapting to that reality is vital. While Google, the king of the search engine, has revealed its use of artificial intelligence (AI), we can readily assume that other search engines are using their version of similar technologies. 

The Aesthetic Society’s Winter/Spring 2024 newsletter featured our article concerning the importance of adapting your web content to the AI search experience. 

Read our full article in the Winter/Spring 2024 issue of The Aesthetic Society Newsletter (page 123).

How to Make Your Content AI-Friendly 

In the past, a website wanted to simply please eyeballs and receive clicks, but now, with AI, much more is needed to reach the modern market effectively.

  • Understand the Search Intent: Whether it is informational, transactional, commercial, or navigational, you must learn to respond and format your content to address the intention of your specific audience adequately
  • Focus on Original Research: Since AI cannot conduct original research, you can do so to provide website content with higher authority.
  • Create More Multimedia Content: AI still lacks the creative vision for high-quality multimedia content, so look to add this to your site and update it regularly.
  • Provide Expert Opinions on Emerging Issues: As a plastic surgeon, you can address emerging issues in your field and connect with an audience directly.

Why It’s Crucial to Understand AI Search

If you’re a plastic surgeon relying heavily on SEO marketing to attract clients, you might contemplate the implications of AI-aided search on your business. However, the mission of reaching people at the point of their need remains the same, even if the ways they reach your practice have changed. Don’t get left behind in the transition. 

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