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January 30, 2020 in Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

What Is a Certified Google Partner?

There are a lot of companies out there that promise they can handle your digital marketing program on Google. But the only way to know for sure that you are getting an expert is to look for a company that is a Certified Google Partner.

Many businesses in the digital marketing industry throw around a lot of different buzzwords to let you know they are “experts” in the field.

Occasionally dropping in phrases like search engine optimization, artificial intelligence, algorithm, cost-per-click, or analytics is pretty standard, even for the least experienced marketing companies.

Understanding the terms is simple enough, and explaining what they mean to a potential client is not necessarily a complicated task either.

But there is a difference between understanding the terms and concepts of digital marketing and being able to implement a plan based on putting these terms into action.


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This is where Google’s Certified Partner Program comes in: It distinguishes professional marketing agencies that have demonstrated expertise in the industry.

How Does a Company Become a Certified Google Partner?

There are three primary components that Google uses to decide whether a company is fit to be a Certified Google Partner. Those three factors are Google Ads knowledge, asset management, and company performance. 

Every Certified Google Partner has staff that:

  • Is knowledgeable about the Google Ads ecosystem
  • Has a history of extensive asset management for numerous clients 
  • Has a portfolio demonstrating that they can increase their clients’ revenue and reach 

How Does Working With a Certified Google Partner Help Me?

A Better Return on Investment

Any financial investment you make is more sound because you are being advised by someone who is an expert in the Google ecosystem. 

Plastic Surgery Studios has more than a decade of experience in developing online content that maximizes traffic and conversion rates. 

From optimizing your website to setting up your Google Ads program and combing through your analytics for adjustments, we are with you every step of the way.

A Partner You Can Trust

Google is one of the largest avenues of online advertising. If you aren’t working with a Certified Google Partner, you aren’t optimizing your online marketing program.

A Certified Google Partner is aware of the many issues that can arise regarding Google Ads, website traffic, conversions, etc. 

Even if new issues arise, we will likely know where to begin solving the problem, unlike marketing agencies that lack our experience. When you sign up with Certified Google Partner like Plastic Surgery Studios, you are gaining an ally that will help you successfully navigate the Google ecosystem.  

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