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Marketing Your Social Media Presence

September 04, 2018 in Internet Marketing, Social Media

Social Media Marketing on Computers

Running a business means taking necessary steps to increase brand awareness and help that company succeed. Billions of people across the globe are using social media to communicate with one another and to browse the internet for specific services and goods. With social media, an establishment can build its brand and online visibility by utilizing various platforms for marketing. In addition to giving businesses an outlet for advertising and engagement with customers, many social media platforms also offer analytics features to track how successful a social media marketing strategy is. Social media helps increase engagement with customers, boost local SEO, and motivate conversions both online and offline.

The Most Valuable Channels

  • Facebook: As the most popular social networking platform, Facebook is used monthly by over 1.5 billion people and accounts for about 25% of mobile searches. Businesses can also advertise their services and promotional events using this channel.
  • Google My Business: Business owners can take control of their online local business listing with Google My Business, which allows them to modify their listing and interact with customers online for free. Google My Business is available in mobile and desktop formats for maximum convenience.
  • Instagram: Over 500 million users are active on Instagram every day, making it one of the most advantageous social media platforms of the decade. Because it relies on visual content, businesses have the opportunity to get creative with the types of images they want to use to represent their company.

Which Secondary Channels to Use

  • LinkedIn: Businesses can showcase their company objectives and history by setting up a profile on LinkedIn. Incorporating valuable keywords and relevant content can make a company’s services more accessible, increasing traffic to their website as a result.
  • Yelp: This social networking site is different than others, but it has established credibility regarding customer reviews. Over 140 million users peruse Yelp for trusted services, so having favorable ratings can increase traffic to your website and business.
  • Twitter: This platform opens the door for businesses to interact with potential and current customers, making it ideal for cultivating as well as maintaining a strong relationship with their target demographic. Staying active on Twitter and using relevant hashtags can also help boost online visibility.
  • Pinterest: Similar to Instagram, Pinterest is a visual social media channel. Creating a business profile containing boards that resonate with the target audience can help a company develop a robust internet presence.

The Plastic Surgery Studios Approach

Thanks to the rise of social media, it is easier than ever before for businesses to hone in on what their target demographics are looking for. At Plastic Surgery Studios, we take a collaborative approach to social media strategy by developing optimized written and visual material for each of our clients. We enrich our clients’ posts with original, unique, and educational content that connects with web users based on trending topics for a particular audience. We also strive to give each social media profile its own personality and create a variety of posts that appeal to more potential customers. Because most people of all ages are on some form of social networking platform, cultivating a renowned social media presence is a fundamental step for any marketing effort.

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