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The Importance of Blogging

March 17, 2014 in Content Marketing, Internet Marketing

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What is a blog?

A blog (short for “web log”) is a method for delivering frequent, often casual and more personal, content to your website visitors. Blog entries (called “posts”) are usually shown in reverse chronological order on your blog’s website so that more recent posts are visible first. Blogs are generally interactive; people can leave comments and even share blogs on social media platforms.

What type of content should I blog about?

One of the great things about blogs is that you can discuss anything and everything, from procedure-related information to hot topics in the news. Blogs in the plastic surgery industry generally cover a wide range of subjects, including:

  • How a procedure has changed (new techniques and technologies)
  • A new service your practice offers
  • Common misconceptions
  • Frequently asked questions – believe us when we say that people have thousands of questions about plastic surgery!
  • Plastic surgery statistics
  • Health and fitness topics
  • Celebrity plastic surgery and other relevant news stories

Why is blogging important?

Blogging is important for giving your practice exposure, building a sense of community, and establishing authority, all of which help to generate leads. The majority of plastic surgery websites have blogs, so chances are your competitors are already putting this effective marketing tool to use.

You can post entries as often as you want on your blog, and Google gives preferential treatment to hyper-fresh content. This means that more recent content, if relevant to a user’s search, will rank higher in the search engines. Having a rich library of content also helps to ensure that when someone performs a search, your blog will be there to answer their query. This establishes your status as an authority on plastic surgery and allows readers to recognize and become familiar with your practice.

By granting access to information and knowledge with your blog, you’re interacting with potential customers and creating a bond that will encourage further interaction. A blog forms a sense of community between you and your readers, and they will likely return to you for answers to future questions and for their plastic surgery needs. In addition, users can share your blog on other social media platforms, which will allow you to reach an even wider audience and generate more potential leads.

Start Your Blog Today!

Blogging can be done by anyone, but many businesses find they do not have the time to keep up with writing the content Google and readers so adamantly demand. You may want to blog but have a busy schedule or don’t know where to start, and that’s why we’re here to help. At Plastic Surgery Studios, we have a dedicated team who works every day to provide relevant, interesting content for blogs that will get your practice noticed.

Don’t be one of the few practices without a blog. Call (888) 525-6360 to start your blog program and expand your practice!

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