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How to Use Google PPC During COVID-19: ASAPS Fall 2020 Newsletter

November 02, 2020 in Industry News, Pay Per Click

ASAPS Newletter Fall 2020 on how PPC ads can be beneficial during COVID.

3 Minute Read: 

COVID-19 has not only altered the way we conduct business but changed how plastic surgeons connect with their patients. Due to current limitations, plastic surgeons have primarily relied on internet advertising to entice patients to their practice. One of the best ways to ensure your company is optimizing its web presence and gaining additional leads and conversions is through Google PPC ads. 

Plastic Surgery Studios contributed to an article in the Aesthetic Society News Fall 2020 edition (page 51) exploring how companies can use Google PPC (pay-per-click) ads to drive traffic to their webpage. 

What Is Google PPC? 

Google PPC (pay-per-click) ads are paid online advertisements that appear alongside relevant searches to expand your audience. Google PPC advertisements allow your practice to connect with a broader audience from a wider geographical area. One of the main benefits of these advertisements is that you only pay when they are clicked on. 

This way, you are only paying for the benefits you are receiving.

How to Use PPC to Drive Traffic and Branding

There are many ways your practice can take advantage of the benefits that come with Google PPC. Google offers many tools to optimize your site, including keyword tools, tracking tools, and search analytics. Extensions are also offered to help improve your PPC content and drive more traffic to your site. Some of these extensions include: 

  • Promotion extensions, which further highlight your practice’s current deals and promotions. 
  • Callout extensions, which highlight your practice’s services and offerings.
  • Sitelink extensions, which direct the customer to a specific page on your website, such as contact forms, current specials, or a service you offer. 

Another benefit of Google PPC is there is no limit to the number of extensions you can use in your ad. The main goal of these extensions is to provide customers with more ways to reach you and find the information they need. There are no downsides to extensions, which is why you should use as many as possible to increase your web presence and have better conversions. 

How Can You Benefit From PPC? 

Your PPC advertisement allows you to reach a wider audience than ever before. This advertising benefits you and your practice almost instantly. 

Google allows you to tailor your ads to fit your needs as a practice. Whether that means promoting your current services that are offered or a current promotional deal, you can feel confident that your advertisements are not only increasing your website traffic but promoting brand awareness as people are becoming more familiar with the name of your practice. 

As people become more familiar with your practice, you will already be in their minds when they decide to undergo plastic surgery. You will then be more likely to be contacted for a consultation.

Optimize Your Web Presence With Plastic Surgery Studios

With the constant changes and accommodations needing to be made due to COVID-19, now is the best time to optimize your web presence and increase your SEO. For more information on how to increase your web presence and implement the best SEO strategies, please give us a call at (888) 525-6360 or send us a message.

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