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How COVID-19 Is Reshaping SEO: ASAPS Summer 2020 Newsletter

October 08, 2020 in Industry News, Local Search

Newsletter for ASAPS summer 2020

Plastic Surgery Studios contributed to an article in the Aesthetic Society News Summer 2020 edition (page 47) exploring how COVID-19 has reshaped the SEO landscape.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has altered the way we live our lives and how we conduct business. Even though all states have various degrees of lockdown, not a single plastic surgeon is currently conducting their practice the way they once were. All businesses, specifically plastic surgery offices, have had to change how business is run and patients are being seen. 

Why Should I Invest in a Valuable SEO Strategy?

All plastic surgeons are currently experiencing similar obstacles, and it can be more difficult to connect with prospective patients on a personal, face-to-face level. During this time, your online presence is going to be your main way of attracting potential patients. With everyone experiencing the same limitations, the need to rank higher on Google and other platforms has increased. It is important to invest in a valuable SEO strategy to ensure that your company ranks higher on internet searches during these unfortunate times. 

It is crucial that your website is filled with original content, well-organized ideas, and well-designed educational information to attract the most business. This is achieved through implementing the best SEO strategies, such as keyword-driven content, concise and understandable content, and easy-to-navigate and mobile-friendly designs. This is what will help your website shine while simultaneously attracting more clients.

How Can I Guarantee a Good Web Presence? 

Ensuring a good web presence is one of the most important aspects of conducting business. Your web presence is not only there to present your services, but to also create trust between you and your potential clients. By ensuring proper SEO strategy, you can expect a significant increase in your website’s traffic and trustworthiness. 

During this season of quarantine, many of us are finding new ways to pass the time. Many people are spending their extra free time researching information on the internet. If they are interested in undergoing plastic surgery, it will be important for your site to be one of the first things they notice. Providing easy-to-understand information on your website and using your Google My Business (GMB) listing to show up on knowledge panels (the block of text on the right side of the Google search results) will help your practice be at the forefront of their minds when ready to undergo surgery. 

Are Virtual Consultations Beneficial? 

During this global pandemic, many people are avoiding unnecessary public contact. Offering virtual consultations (telehealth) will allow potential patients to meet with you and have their questions answered from the comfort of their own homes. Providing virtual consultations can help your practice stand out from your competitors who do not offer them. This can help attract more patients due to convenience and safety. 

Telehealth Through Google My Business

Google is currently offering a service where Telehealth links can be added to Google My Business listings. Take advantage of this service to drive clicks to your telehealth page and offer potential customers a way to safely learn about your services.

Optimize Your Web Presence With Plastic Surgery Studios

In these unprecedented times, it is vital to implement the best SEO strategies to keep your web presence strong. For more information on how to optimize your online presence, give us a call at (888) 525-6360 or send us a message.

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