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Case Study Photo Gallery

March 05, 2014 in Internet Marketing

Buttocks of a slim and curby female model

The Plastic Surgery Studios Case Study Photo Gallery revolutionizes the way practices are able to upload before and after photos by dynamically pairing the two together without the need for any photo editing.   Include a completely unique case study for every patient tailored to your exacting needs.

Key Features of the Case Study Photo Gallery

  • Automatically Pairs Before & After Photos
  • 100% Responsive Ready
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Dynamic feature image presentation

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a gallery.  Do I need a case study gallery?

The Case Study Gallery is a great way to showcase your best photos along with a detailed case description.  The case study gallery is an easy and effective way of uploading images.  The dynamic range of the gallery allows for easy pairing of images that won’t require someone else to edit and add photos for you.  Showcasing your best photos has never looked so good.

Is the Case Study Gallery search engine friendly?

Case studies allow you to share your patient summaries and create a content-rich page with images that will index very well.  Showcasing several case studies on one page — especially by continually adding more cases — will appeal to Google’s desire for hyper-fresh content.

Can I upload my pictures myself or do I need to send them to you?

You can absolutely upload photos all by yourself, and it’s easy too!  You can even upload before images separate from after photos and the Case Study Gallery will pair them for you.

Is the Case Study Gallery mobile and responsive friendly?

Yes and yes!  Our gallery looks amazing on mobile devices and responds will to changes in screen resolution making it the best gallery to use on all devices.

How much does it cost?

The cost of your gallery will depend on implementation and the number of photos you wish for us to add for you.  We are happy to discuss how our Case Study gallery can help your website.   Feel free to contact us to discuss this further.

Can I add the Case Study Gallery to my existing site?

The Case Study Gallery is universal and will work for all websites including those running a CMS like WordPress.

Any suggestions on how to get my pictures looking the best?

  • Invest in a great camera that allows you to maintain the same degree of zoom & flash position.  People like viewing crystal clear photos.
  • Try moving the patient away from a background you want to de-emphasize.
  • Use a string or mark the floor to maintain consistent distance.
  • Angle the flash away so that you are not directly shining an unbalanced light onto the subject.

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