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January 18, 2021 in Social Media

4 Apps to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

As social media continues to control and influence the way you live and conduct online marketing, it is essential to adapt and consider how social media can be used to your practice’s benefit.

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Digital marketing and social media go hand in hand. Your social media platforms give you prime real estate to connect with your followers and potential clients, reaching them directly and quickly. 

Ignoring social media is like ignoring free digital marketing, and why would you ever want to ignore a free marketing opportunity?

Social media dictates how many people spend their time, what they buy, and even which cosmetic procedures they consider. 


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From ads to before-and-after photos to video testimonials, plastic surgeons and other businesses can rely on social media to get their name and brand identity out there.

Social Media Is Important. Are You Using It to Its Full Potential?

Social media is a two-way street. On the one hand, having a strong social media presence allows you to connect with potential patients; on the other, it allows you to learn what procedures, techniques, and looks are trending. 

This can help you tailor your marketing strategy and brand identity to your potential clients. 

So, are you making the most of your social media posts?

Social media will continue to play a big part in your overall online marketing strategy. Today, more than 4.5 billion people use the internet, and more than 3.8 billion are active on social media platforms. 

Statistics show that people spend an average of 153 minutes on social media per day. That allows for a lot of marketing potential.

4 Apps to Spice Up Your Social Media Posts

To help differentiate and liven up your posts, we suggest checking out these apps.

1. Canva 

Create visually appealing and professional social media posts, infographics, and videos. This is a free app that allows anyone to create eye-catching graphic designs.

Infographic demonstrating how poplar social media apps are by user

*Infographic created by Plastic Surgery Studios on Canva.

PicPlayPost app logo design2. PicPlayPost 

Use still images to create eye-grabbing videos, slideshows, and collages. The PicPlayPost app offers free and paid versions.

3. Cinemagraph Pro 

Add movement to still photos! This paid app breathes life into your images. By choosing to animate the background, you can add an extra layer of depth to your posts. 

Color splash app demonstration. Bright green apple on black and white background4. Color Splash 

Want to highlight something specific?

Create dramatic images by pulling out specific colors against a black-and-white background.

Want to Make Your Social Media Posts Stand Out?

Make the most out of your social media posts with these apps. If you have any questions about how to boost your social media presence, our social media experts at Plastic Surgery Studios are here to help. 

Want to learn more about how to improve your social media marketing? Reach out to us or check us out on Instagram for more examples. Contact us at (888) 525-6360.

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