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November 13, 2014 in Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

How Long Should My Content Be?

Good content is essential for bringing traffic to your site and generating leads, but people often wonder how long the content on their blogs or procedure pages should be. Some are concerned about reaching a minimum word count and go into lengthy detail about every aspect of their topic. In reality, it’s the quality of the words on your page that matter, not the quantity; content length doesn’t really matter.

Quality Content: Short and Sweet

Quality content is informative and relevant yet concise, which keeps readers intrigued and makes them more likely to become leads. Answer common questions or discuss a popular topic, but don’t go into elaborate details or use too much medical jargon. Additionally, don’t add extra “fluff” or stuff keywords just to have more content — this will only confuse or bore your readers. Bullet points and other formatting options are also great for making your content easy to navigate through, especially if you have a lot of essential content to include. If you give your readers the answers they are looking for in a direct, easy-to-read way, you will have a higher chance of converting them into a lead when you combine your content with good conversion practices. To maintain quality content, aim to keep your posts short and sweet, just like this one.

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