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Email Marketing

Generating higher ROI using methodical message delivery via email marketing

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Nurturing Consumer Interest

At Plastic Surgery Studios, we offer our clients tailored email programs for lead nurturing and establishing mailing lists through the use of custom-designed layouts. Email marketing is a persistently growing online medium and has a history of stability, unlike websites or social media. In this new-age paperless and mobile communication climate, email is the dominant channel for promoting services and developing relationships directly with your audience. In contrast to social media, which is largely casual and personal by nature, email is considered to be a more professional medium for connecting with respected clients.

Subscriber Growth

Subscriber Growth

Instead of being bombarded with spam mail or irrelevant advertisements on a website, potential patients who subscribe to a mailing list want and welcome messages about what a business can provide. Email marketing is an unambiguous method of generating patient interest that can be enhanced on a business’ website with:

  • Pop-ups
  • Clear CTAs
  • Incentives
  • Sign-up Forms
Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing

We can create multiple touch points to nurture leads and maximize conversion rates. With email marketing, your business is at the forefront of your audience’s point of interest specific to services they have inquired about before. Our team nurtures leads by sending potential consumers appointment reminders, follow-ups, and promotional offers via email.

Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns

Email marketing is an opportunity to talk to your connected audience on a consistent basis. Marketing emails are sent out weekly, monthly, or quarterly with relevant messages and updates to remind the target audience that your business exists and remembers them. A drip campaign involves timely exposure to a business, which boosts familiarity and increases the likelihood of conversion.

Branded Emails

Branded Emails

Making your emails stand out is a top priority for optimal email marketing. The Plastic Surgery Studios design team creates beautiful, personalized emails that accommodate client preferences and captivate the target demographic. All of our clients’ emails include the following:

  • Unique design elements
  • Branded logo
  • Clear CTAs
  • Business contact information

Email Marketing Tools

Making that connection with potential consumers by strategically asking for email subscriptions and regularly reaching out to your subscribers can have a tremendous impact on your marketing campaign. At Plastic Surgery Studios, we offer several options for email marketing using the following tools:

  • SendGrid

    An online database and marketing program that strengthens the relationship between you and your subscribers through timely messaging, business update notifications, and sending promotional offers via email.

  • Pop-up Solutions

    Can be integrated with email management tools for efficient subscriber interaction and higher conversion rates. Additionally, there are various design and placement options for pop-up ads, making each advertisement entirely customizable.

  • Newsletter Sign Ups

    Live on a web page and are positioned for optimal email acquisition from site visitors.

Developing Brand Loyalty with Email Marketing


Strategic email marketing fulfills a crucial part of the conversion funnel: turning an interested audience into active consumers. The most efficient approach to email marketing successfully nurtures the relationship between a business and its subscribers without being overly aggressive. Emailing enables a direct line of communication with potential consumers and nourishes a strong rapport using new blog notifications, promotional offers, and updates about the company. The trust that is earned with email marketing increases the likelihood of conversion as well as long-term customer loyalty.

Email Marketing FAQs

What email providers do you work with?

Plastic Surgery Studios uses MailChimp and Constant Contact, email marketing platforms that help you engage with your audience and develop brand awareness. These tools can invigorate your business and expand its web capabilities across a variety of channels using automated marketing, integrated ad campaigns, and analytical reporting.

How do emails help with CRO?

Information about our clients’ services is expected through email because email marketing requires a user’s consent ahead of time. Most people prefer promotional content via email over other channels because it is an open and direct communication platform that features:

  • Consensual marketing
  • Appeal to a larger audience
  • Transparent subject lines

How will I know if my email marketing campaign is working?

Several indicators can be signs of good email marketing, from an increase in click-through rate (CTR) to a higher number of conversions. Web analytics and testing tools offer detailed assessments of your email marketing campaign so that we can highlight fruitful elements and alter or remove the components that are not yielding positive results.

With email marketing, we can show you how to nurture leads and communicate with prospective patients.

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