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Using conversion rate optimization (CRO) to develop a successful web presence

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At Plastic Surgery Studios, we use a four-step cyclical process for conversion rate optimization. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a systematic approach to website development that involves increasing traffic to a website and the rate at which visitors engage with the site. Engagement occurs when visitors interact with the website, which can be filling out an online form, subscribing via email, or signing up for a service.
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Using various marketing tools, we gather and analyze both qualitative and quantitative data to determine our clients’ goals. This ensures that we have a broad range of information to develop tests and design elements that work. Identifying what the target demographics are seeking is vital for:

  • Establishing user intent
  • Finding opportunity in the data
  • Understanding the audience


Our team of designers creates new, user-friendly web pages based on the collective data about our clients’ needs and preferences. The goal is not only to increase visitor traffic but also to increase engagement opportunities. Design elements that boost visitor interaction may include:

  • Buttons, text, pop-ups
  • Form placement
  • Form length
  • Phone numbers


Based on your unique business objectives and milestones, we begin testing by comparing an existing control page with the enhanced page. Testing platforms measure website efficiency to determine which new features achieve the conversion goals for your website. We employ two types of testing:

  • A/B testing (single variable)
  • A/B/C testing (multivariate)


After the testing phase, we apply the most successful engagement elements throughout the website to yield positive CRO results. The outcome should mirror what occurred during testing and increase visitor influx as well as conversions. Put simply, the implementation process involves:

  • Seeing what was successful during testing and adding it to the site
  • Tracking web traffic with Google Analytics to verify progress

Tools We Use

There can be numerous approaches to website optimization. At Plastic Surgery Studios, our marketing team utilizes modern optimization software and online tools to fulfill each of the CRO steps from identification to implementation.

  • Analytics

    Dissects the customer journey and extrapolates which conversion elements are the most successful

  • Content Sourcing

    Gives a detailed understanding of what type of content our clients’ target demographics gravitate toward

  • Page Development

    Allows us to experiment with and implement conversion forms to cultivate a higher volume of leads

  • Heat Mapping

    Allows our team to measure how well each page is navigated and test changes on our clients’ website

  • Popups

    Give us the control to decide when and where to place customer-targeted pop-ups to generate conversions

Conversion Funnel

Establishing an efficient conversion funnel varies from site to site, and it is entirely customizable depending on the goals of the website. The first step is to increase traffic quality at the earliest stages of CRO. The CRO process and the sites themselves will evolve as more data is collected and different strategies are implemented.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Analytics and how does it benefit websites?

Our creative and marketing teams at Plastic Surgery Studios stay up-to-date on current online trends and regularly monitor individual website progress. Google Analytics is a sophisticated program that offers a comprehensive analysis of online and offline customer interactions by combining sales, marketing, and advertising data.

What other resources do you use to determine what site elements are working?

Crazy Egg compiles click-through reports in visual form to illustrate what parts of a page receive the most clicks and how far visitors scroll down a page before losing interest.

Optimizely is a testing platform that prepares measurable, evidence-based data to increase web efficiency. Our entire marketing team utilizes the information provided by Optimizely to restructure advertising, engagement, and content writing strategies.

BuzzSumo helps our writers identify top social network influencers in any given field and access content performance tracking to be able to analyze what works for the competition.

What types of website features can help with CRO?

We employ a variety of web development tools to keep our clients’ websites running smoothly and persuade visitors to interact with the business. We design and build features—in-line, two-step opt-in, content lock, and screen filler overlay forms—that are immediately modified for mobile use, broadening conversion opportunities across all types of devices.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing involves making singular changes to a web page and seeing if those modifications affect CRO positively. The control version of a web page is monitored next to the page that has been altered, and the progress is measured after the appropriate testing period. Alterations may be made for button placement, color, navigation elements, and other visual components.

We can help guide potential customers or clients to conversion using conversion rate optimization.

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