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February 14, 2019 in Conversion

ChatBots and LiveChat to Talk With Patients

Chat tools are helpful programs that provide a personalized user experience tailored to specific audiences.

Before deciding to undergo a cosmetic procedure, a potential patient will have some burning questions. Because the internet has plenty of content to offer on virtually any topic, that is where people go to learn more about a service or treatment. Patients generally favor practices that provide immediate answers to their queries, which is why quick chat is quickly becoming an invaluable marketing tool. Quick chat programs like ChatBots (AI support) and LiveChat (live support) allow users to get information without having to fill out a form and wait for a phone call or email.

What Chat Tools Can Do

  • Engage Visitors: If a website does not have the specific information someone is looking for, their next step could be to reach out for answers. However, many people prefer not to speak on the phone or go through automated robotic systems, and email responses can take days to get. Many patients who would typically leave a website to continue browsing will remain engaged if there is a chat tool.
  • Encourage Conversion: Delivering a personable and human dialogue to those who are considering your services can give them exactly what they need to know before making their decision to schedule a consultation. When someone is browsing the web for details about a particular procedure, quick chat features can help convert them when they are the most interested.
  • Satisfy Your Patients: Another advantage of chat tools is that your chat team can help them navigate your website and get the customer service they desire. Users will most likely revisit a site that offers chat features, meaning there could even be a second opportunity to convert them into loyal patients.

Creating Chat Features That Work

business analytics and financial technology concept-img-blogNot all programs are designed equally, so taking the time to personalize responses to frequently asked questions can give your chat features a relevant and human touch. For a chat feature to function correctly, a marketing team can do the following:

  • Utilize analytics data
  • Boost your social media presence
  • Research what your target demographic is interested in
  • Thoroughly train your chat representatives if you’re using live support
  • Monitor chat requests to ensure that each query is responded to and has an appropriate answer

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