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Meet William T. Stoeckel, MD, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon from Cary, North Carolina. Plastic Surgery Studios was honored to work with Dr. Stoeckel to design a custom website for his practice, Wake Plastic Surgery.

We started from ground zero to completely build a modern website and to improve the user experience. Our goal was for the user to have an intuitive and easy-to-use web interface, while also delivering informative and relevant content. Similar to how Dr. Stoeckel found the perfect marriage of his artistic talents and scientific thought processes for plastic surgery, we designed and developed a web experience that would communicate the doctor’s compassion, technique, and real patient results.

Please go on a journey with us as we chat with Dr. Stoeckel about his experience working with Plastic Surgery Studios.

Wake Plastic Surgery, Dr. Stoeckel

Tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been in practice?

I started my solo private practice right out of residency in 2008. Although I knew very little about business, my parents taught me how to work hard and make prayerful decisions. The practice has been family run since the beginning with my mother serving as the office manager, father as the janitor, and wife as the social media and marketing director. We are still in our original office in Cary, NC which has a private OR suite. So most of my work in done in the private office setting, although I do take ER call at the local hospital across the street. We have enjoyed tremendous success and are growing into a new facility in the coming months. I love to operate, but also love getting home to see my wife and kids.

You came to Plastic Surgery Studios in 2016 after trying to work with another design company to help with your redesign, what was the deciding factor in choosing PSS to take over your custom website project?

I am not certain what the specific deciding factor ended up being, but I was very happy with the interview I had with Peter when I reached out to PSS. I had looked through thousands of websites and portfolios of at least a dozen companies and found several that appeared to have a current and updated approach to website development. But I had been disappointed with several previous attempts and knew exactly what I wanted and what I didn’t want. I needed to find someone that could share my vision and be on the same page with me. I felt that Peter was able to effectively listen, understand, and work with my ideas. But was also able to provide key elements that I didn’t even know I needed.

What were your goals in the beginning?

My goal was to create a website that was current, unique, aesthetic, and personal. I wanted my prospective clients to be able to get to know me in a personal way through the website. The plan was to have an informative site that highlighted my strengths but did not come across as a commercial or impersonal advertisement.

What were your goals in the end? Did they change?

The goals did not change. PSS helped me achieve my goals and added a few more. I believe that my website is more functional than I was expecting and being able to keep things updated and relevant will be easy with the design. They were effective in making the site mobile friendly and responsive on different platforms.

Let’s talk about your focus for the website. What did you want to feature and convey? How did PSS help you accomplish this/these?

I am convinced that my before and after photos are the driving force generating new patients to call and make a consultation. I wanted to make my website a way that prospective patients could see results of my work in an efficient manner. My gallery now is simple and easy to navigate. It allows users to see multiple results in a single page as well as detailed views with more specific information. Moving from case to case is easy without the need for unnecessary scrolling. I also wanted new patients to get a sense of me as a person and not just my surgical skills. PSS helped me highlight details about my values, interests, and missions work in a professional and sophisticated way.

Your website redesign is done and was recently launched. How do you like it? Are there highlights?

I have been extremely happy with the site. I have been adding my before and after photos, every day and the word press design has been easy to navigate on the back end. I am looking forward to keeping the site current by adding blog posts and continuing to grow my procedure page content. I have spent way too much time scouring the web looking at other surgeons’ sites and I am no longer envious of any of them. I now feel that my website is an accurate reflection of who I am and how I operate.

What was your overall experience?

Customer service has been excellent. I would like to think that I am a nice guy, but also realize that I am a bit of a perfectionist. The PSS team was able to respond to my incessant requests and deliver the product that I was expecting. The project did take time and it was a monetary investment, but I have no doubts that the investment will prove to have been a wise decision. I have unfortunately had experiences with several website design companies. This was by far and away the best experience and best end product delivered.

Wake Plastic Surgery Website

Any final thoughts?

I truly believe that a website is the most functional tool that we have as business owners to communicate with our audience. Having a website that does not accurately represent your business is an unnecessary problem. And having a personalized website is the best way to effectively convey your message, advertise, and grow. Plastic Surgery Studios understands those principles and has the communicative skill to deliver such a product.


Client: Dr. William T. Stoeckel

Practice: Wake Plastic Surgery


Launched: March 2017


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