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Does Your Website Inspire Consumer Trust?

March 26, 2018 in Website Design

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A Website You Can Trust

Creating trust with a website comes with many questions from customers: Is the company reputable? Am I being asked for information I shouldn’t give out? Will my information be protected? The latter can make the difference of whether or not people use your website. So, how do you let customers know that they are protected when using your site? A simple solution is having your website covered with an SSL certificate.

What Is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, provides encryption for your website and verifies your domain for the user. You can identify a site that has been protected with an SSL by looking at the URL. If the URL begins with “https,” then an SSL certificate is in place. However, an “http” (without an “s”) signals that the website is not protected, and your information may not be protected, as well.

Who Needs an SSL Cert?

If you are an e-commerce site or have a shopping cart attached to your website, then you must have an SSL certificate. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have one for your typical informational website. Having an SSL builds trust with your customer and helps your site and company rank in search results above those without an SSL.

The Plastic Surgery Studios Way

Our goal is to ensure that our clients are always at the forefront of technology and security. SSL certificates are added to any new website that we develop and can be added for any client interested in our service. When asking website users to fill out a form or make a phone call from a website, we want to ensure all security protocols are in place; those users want to know their information is secure.

SSL Certificate Options

Basic – Domain Validated SSL

  • This type of SSL provides a basic level of protection and is best suited for medium-sized companies that don’t do high-volume e-commerce business. This type of SSL encrypts the data on your website and, through a padlock icon, indicates to viewers that the site is secure.

Medium – Organization Validated SSL

  • This medium coverage encrypts your site and also provides visitors with additional information about your organization, which can build confidence. The information provided when a customer hovers over the padlock icon is cross-checked with government databases to provide customers with a higher level of assurance.

Advanced – Extended Validation SSL

  • This SSL is best suited for the needs of major corporations and government entities; not all businesses qualify to use an Extended Validation (EV) SSL. The validation and verification process is more detailed, and a green bar with the name of your organization is displayed, clearly demonstrating to customers that an EV SSL is being used.

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