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Sending the Right Message

July 18, 2014 in Plastic Surgery Studios

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In a culture where we are constantly confronted with Photoshopped images and celebrity standards of physical perfection, there are many people who are rising up against the ideal of an enhanced appearance. You may have heard of the campaign led by an 8th-grader that resulted in Seventeen Magazine’s No-Photoshop Pledge, in which the publication promises to never digitally alter body sizes or face shapes of young women. More recently, singer Colbie Caillat’s music video ‘Try’ depicts Caillat and several other women sans makeup and hair extensions. Many other campaigns embrace full-figured women and models as well as women without makeup. On social media outlets, the hashtag “no filter” (#nofilter)  is one of the most popular.

However, the world of plastic surgery is not limited to achieving a particular ideal of beauty, nor does it oppose beauty in its natural state. There is another side of the industry that is far more sensitive and more necessary than many think to consider. Each year, thousands of plastic surgeons dedicate their time – and often sacrifice pay – to perform procedures on burn victims, post mastectomy patients, and those who were born with physical deformities. Many of these surgeries are performed here in the United States, and many others are performed overseas and in developing countries. These patients are given the chance to experience life with a normal appearance. With their improved look, others first notice their eyes or smile rather than their blatant “flaw.”

But even when a physical “flaw” is not as obvious to the rest of the world, it can have a significant impact on the quality of life of the person who experiences it. A woman who has oversized breasts may suffer chronic back and shoulder pain, a child with protruding ears may be continually teased, or a person with a crooked nose may be haunted by their imperfection on a daily basis as they look in the mirror. For these people, plastic surgery is not about transforming into a Vogue cover model, it is about the ability to enjoy life without limitations.

Part of our purpose at Plastic Surgery Studios is to send the full message about the plastic surgery industry. For years, we have promoted surgeons who volunteer their services in the United States and abroad to help their patients achieve a sense of normalcy and confidence. We have promoted those who invest their time, knowledge, and other assets into research for surgical reconstruction, repair, and enhancement. As surgeons make their imprint on their surrounding communities, we help them send the message that there is much more to the industry than what meets the eye. Plastic surgery can – and always will be – an empowering, positive tool.

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