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Save Money & Avoid Frustration with PPC Keyword Research

December 13, 2016 in Pay Per Click

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The Plastic Surgery PPC Fallacy

You decide it’s finally time to jump into the paid advertising arena to generate some leads. You choose which procedure to advertise based simply on which procedure you want to do more, and you pick keywords based on that procedure. Then you decide to spend whatever sounds like something you can reasonably afford, and you launch!

Screenshot of an ad for Breast Revision surgery appearing on Google Search

A few days ago by… then a few weeks… and now, an entire month. What you thought would bring dozens of patients to your practice ended up only bringing you a few inconsequential leads and not a single dollar returned on your investment.

Ouch! Does this sound familiar? It turns out it’s not as simple as it sounds, even when another agency is running the show for you.

PPC Keyword Research

As advertisers handling a large portfolio of advertising dollars for plastic surgeons nationwide, we have access to critical tools that allow us to analyze trends and statistical data to determine which procedures our clients should advertise.

Bar diagram of search volume trends

We know how many people actually search for certain procedures in the areas you think you want to focus your advertising.

We also know how many other people are advertising for those same procedures, how competitive those markets will be, and what is a reasonable amount of money that you’ll have to spend in order to see a return on your advertising dollars.

Keyword list of plastic surgery terms and their search volume

We also have the experience to interpret this data and the know-how to implement a successful PPC campaign that will generate leads, patients, and a profitable ROI.

If you are considering pay-per-click advertising as a means of generating more business for your practice, please don’t hesitate to call us or send us an email. We’re happy to perform keyword research for your practice as a courtesy, free of charge.

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