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Our Article in the Aesthetic Society News Fall 2023 Issue: Are You Using the Proper Smart Bidding Strategies in Google Ads to Maximize Your ROI? 

May 23, 2024 in Marketing

PSS Article

Knowing how to utilize Google Ads Smart Bidding is vital for any business. 

We recently contributed an article to The Aesthetic Society’s Fall 2023 newsletter discussing the significance of understanding Google Ads Smart Bidding and its potential to boost revenue and foster business expansion.

You can read our full article in the Fall 2023 issue of Aesthetic Society News on page 75.

Understanding Google Ads Smart Bidding and Why Your Business Needs It

Providing clients with excellent service is only part of any successful business. The business part demands equal attention, and smart bidding is one of the latest tools organizations now have at their disposal. An organization can use Google Ads Smart Bidding to set up a series of organized bidding strategies that can:

  • Maximize Conversions
  • Enhanced Cost Per Click (ECPC)
  • Maximize Conversion Value
  • Target Return on Ad Spend (Target ROAS)
  • Target Cost Per Action (Target CPA)

What Are the Perks of Google Ads Smart Bidding?

In Google Ads Smart Bidding, you set the directives for the bidding strategies, so you are in control, especially about the budget. However, smart bidding works automatically once the parameters are established so that you can be hands off.

In addition, this service:

  • Customizes campaigns based on historical performance and data
  • Optimizes bids for maximum budget efficiency
  • Saves time so that you can get back to your clients

Need Help Setting Up Your Google Ads Smart Bidding? Reach Out to Plastic Surgery Studios Today!

In business for decades, Plastic Surgery Studios is a full-service marketing agency committed to ensuring you achieve the utmost from your advertising endeavors. We’re prepared to discuss all the pros and cons of Google Ads Smart Bidding with you so you feel confident in how this tool should be utilized. Our team of digital marketers possesses all the needed expertise to assist practices needing guidance.

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