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Optimizing Your Digital Marketing for Voice Search

January 14, 2019 in Local Search, Pay Per Click

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The tools we use for browsing the internet have changed significantly over the years. More web users today are using smart electronics to answer their queries using high-speed voice search technologies. Voice search can be used with various modern devices, including smartphones, tablets, and virtual home assistants. While features like predictive search can optimize the speed at which someone can type and search for answers to their questions, voice search is even faster. Marketers should take note as to how this will affect the digital landscape and the potential of future marketing campaigns to hold the attention of their consumers.

Changes in Digital Marketing

People are already asking their devices questions, many of which pertain to purchasing services and products. Someone who is interested in plastic surgery, for example, might ask how much a procedure costs, where the nearest plastic surgeon is located, or the recovery timeline for a particular treatment. Marketers have to tweak their approach to boost search engine optimization (SEO) for their clients and stay relevant in an ever-developing industry.

Conversational Content

The way people ask a question differs between written and spoken form. Keywords and content must be implemented and developed with careful consideration to conversational phrasing for it to get priority with voice search. Original, authoritative content has already helped with search engine optimization, so making these necessary changes should have a positive impact as search tools evolve.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

People on the go are likely using their mobile devices for their voice search needs. Google has already started to implement mobile-first indexing, prioritizing websites that have considered the following:

  • Fast page loading speed
  • Local search optimization
  • Accelerated mobile pages (AMP)

Social Engagement

Because social media is used daily by most consumers who own a mobile or desktop device, content with plenty of social engagement tends to appear frequently in voice searches. That is to say that businesses with an existing and successful social media campaign have an advantage over those that have not yet begun to capitalize on social networking.

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What to Expect

The changes that come with the booming use of voice search are not going to turn current marketing strategies upside-down. However, being mindful of how information is prioritized now can help maintain a website’s visibility. Ultimately, making the recommended campaign modifications to satisfy voice search criteria will allow businesses to grow alongside new technologies.

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