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How Long Should My Content Be?

November 13, 2014 in Content Marketing, Local Search

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Quality Content: Short and Sweet

Quality content is informative and relevant yet concise, which keeps readers intrigued and makes them more likely to become leads. Answer common questions or discuss a popular topic, but don’t go into elaborate details or use too much medical jargon. Additionally, don’t add extra “fluff” or stuff keywords just to have more content — this will only confuse or bore your readers. Bullet points and other formatting options are also great for making your content easy to navigate through, especially if you have a lot of essential content to include. If you give your readers the answers they are looking for in a direct, easy-to-read way, you will have a higher chance of converting them into a lead when you combine your content with good conversion practices. To maintain quality content, aim to keep your posts short and sweet, just like this one.

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