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How to Capitalize on Google’s Results Page: ASAPS Winter 2020 Newsletter

April 01, 2020 in Industry News, Local Search

ASAPS article showing how to capitalize on Google's search engine results page.

3 Minute Read: 

Appearing higher on Google’s results page is not only about having well-written and compelling content. You must also consider how your content’s structure tells Google that your content is more useful and informative than other web pages with similar topics. 

Plastic Surgery Studios contributed an article in the Aesthetic Society News Winter 2020 edition (page 45) exploring how to capitalize on Google’s results page. 

Basic Search Engine Optimization

To ensure your web page will be placed higher on Google’s results page, you must write content that clearly and concisely answers questions. 

To do this, you need to understand what the public is asking. 

Keyword research is the most important part of optimizing your web content. Without it, you won’t rank high on any search engine results page (SERP). Including keywords in your content will inform Google that your content has what the general public is commonly interested in. 

You should place these keywords properly in meta descriptions, titles, headers, and other highly visible areas of your page to increase the likelihood that someone will access your page, make a consultation with your office, and become a valued patient. 

Advanced Search Engine Optimization 

According to Databox, 6.3 billion search terms are typed into Google each day. To assign your website to the relevant queries, you will need to create a “structured data code” for your content. 

This means assigning small pieces of code to every piece of your content to tell Google what the section is about. If you write a paragraph that lists five benefits of laparoscopic procedure, Google needs to know you are creating a list and that the list contains benefits. 

Other aspects of your content, such as videos, FAQs, blogs, and prices, can be intentionally curated and labeled to match search queries. 

You may notice that it can be difficult to focus on every element of every post, but choosing one to three is a good starting point for building your online presence. 

Another way to capitalize on Google’s web results page is for your content to be picked for Google’s featured snippet. 

The featured snippet is the large box at the top of the results page that quickly answers a question someone searched. However, this position does not play by the same rules that the rest of the search engine does. You must tailor your content a little differently to secure this spot. 

This process is called On-SERP SEO. Content built for the featured snippet must have all building blocks—like keyword implementation and structured data code—but must also go an additional step by structuring the content for that specific feature. 

An example of this is answering a popular question like, “How much does a breast augmentation cost?” with the proper formatting. 

Capitalize on Google’s Results Page With Plastic Surgery Studios 

Capitalizing on Google’s results page is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. 

To learn more about how Plastic Surgery Studios can help you implement the best SEO strategies, please call us at (888) 525-6360 or send us a message.

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