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Designing and Optimizing Landing Pages

September 14, 2018 in Pay Per Click

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When building a website that fulfills your marketing goals and reflects your business values, it is essential to include robust and educational landing pages. A landing page is created with the objective of converting site visitors to leads, contributing to the success of your website and business. Landing pages serve various purposes that can benefit your marketing endeavors. An optimized and carefully designed landing page is meant to provoke quick conversions. It also serves as a tool for discovering information about users who visit your website, which can be used to influence the approach you take in other areas of marketing your business.

Understanding User Intention

The key to developing a strong landing page is understanding user intention, or the reason why they have landed on a particular page. Presenting site visitors with the information that pertains to their search intent leads them to the “interest” phase of the conversion funnel. We learn more about users based on their search channel. Generally speaking, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising converts at a higher rate than organic traffic, which tends to yield higher conversion rates than social traffic. This data can be used to guide how we build a landing page and what type of content to use.

Successful CTAs

A landing page would not be complete without one or more call-to-action elements. A call-to-action (CTA) is an interactive web page feature that may appear as a button or hyperlink and encourages users to convert. Having multiple CTAs on a landing page helps reinforce the purpose of the page, as long as they are placed in calculated locations. A successful CTA should be mindful of the following strategies:

  • Visibility: The CTA should be noticeable enough to captivate the visitor’s attention. Size, design, and location are crucial considerations to keep in mind when creating CTAs.
  • Imperative Language: A clear and direct CTA is more likely to trigger conversion. Using actionable terms lets the user know what to do.
  • Brevity: Successful CTAs are short and to the point. Without the extra fluff and information, users can go straight to conversion from a strong CTA.

How Plastic Surgery Studios Measures CTAs

Utilizing Google Analytic Goals, our marketing team at Plastic Surgery Studios can determine the conversion ability of each website as a whole. We can track conversions from users who have filled out a form on our clients’ sites and phone calls that come directly from CTAs. Forms can take shape as pop-ups, “contact us” forms, sidebars, footers, or email acquisition forms. We include most of these forms on the websites we design for our clients, and they have proven to be invaluable to our marketing efforts.

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