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Celebrating 15 Years

February 05, 2015 in Pay Per Click

Celebrating 15 years of Plastic Surgery studios

Plastic surgery studios established in 1999As we begin our 16th year in business, we at Plastic Surgery Studios would like to take some time to reflect on our past and celebrate all that we’ve accomplished over the years.

Our company has always been family-owned and operated, and we emphasize a sense of community and family with our employees. From holiday lunches to going bowling and to sporting events together, our staff at Plastic Surgery Studios enjoys spending time together and building strong, positive relationships.

Plastic Surgery Studios began in 1999 as a company originally called Med Avenue, which was founded by our CEO and President, Michael J. Powers, and his brother Greg Powers in Ontario, California. was a directory website that listed physicians and dentists throughout the United States on one site to help people find a specialist in their own area. The site became a social networking and community site for prospective patients to find helpful information and reviews, connect with previous patients, and gain moral support. Med Avenue also helped doctors with lead generation before Google Search became widely used, and doctors could pay for an upgraded listing if they so desired.

PSS.ASPS2008In 2001, the company acquired the domain names,, and and another office in Salt Lake City, Utah. These websites expanded to include procedural information, before and after photos, the latest plastic surgery developments and trends, and financing information as well as forums and local plastic surgeon searches.

In addition to these new company websites, Plastic Surgery Studios began doing website design and search engine marketing (SEM) to help individual doctors and practices improve the visibility of their sites and generate leads. Our Internet marketing business took off, and we consolidated into one office at our current location in Rancho Cucamonga, California. We now offer innovative website design and marketing services to accomplish our customers’ objectives.

PSS.Marketing StrategiesA lot has changed in the 15 years we’ve been in business, and it’s been interesting to be a part of the Internet evolution and adapting with it. From AOL as the leading Internet provider in 1999 to Google’s current advanced search engine algorithms, not to mention the evolution of HTML code, we have learned a lot over the years and understand how to employ the most effective Internet marketing strategies.

Going into our 16th year of business, we are excited for all that is to come and look forward to helping many others achieve their Internet marketing goals.
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