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Search Engine Optimization Standards

Plastic Surgery Studios takes pride that our work meets the highest standards for search engine optimization. Our websites are all indexable by search engines, our content is 100% unique, and we communicate our standards openly.


The title is anything inside the ‘title tags’ of your site’s code. This is not a visible element on the page itself. Page titles should be descriptive and concise.

We use the following format for most pages: Title – City, State | Brand Name


Meta descriptions are a concise, human-readable summary of a page. They are not required, but we provide descriptions for each navigational page. Search engines oftentimes use these as a guide – but will replace the description based on the search query.

We encourage our clients to focus on making their content the best possible, instead of focusing on the meta description.


We share Google’s view of meta keywords and do not utilize them.


The alt attribute is used to describe the content of an image file. Google uses this information for their image search. Alt tags show up when images can not, and are also helpful to the visually impaired.

While it is unnecessary to spend hours updating every image on my website with alt tags – we do recommend it for new images added to the site.


The robots.txt file is used to restrict access of search engine robots. You only need a robots.txt file if there is content on your website you do not want indexed in search engines. Keep in mind that there is no way to enforce a robots.txt, and some search engines simply ignore it altogether. Visit Google support for more information on robots.txt.


Plastic Surgery Studios creates XML & HTML sitemaps for all websites to ensure search engines can easily crawl the website.


Schema is a shared markup vocabulary designed to help search engines better understand the content on a page. We rarely utilize schema markup, as it is oftentimes unnecessary. Note: Schema markup does not improve search engine rankings.


Google currently allows the implementation of code called rel=”author” to identify the author of a particular piece of content and place their image in search results. We support the use of rel=”author” for blog posts.


When helpful to the visitor, linking to other content within your site can be a great way to assist in navigation.


Plastic Surgery Studios never recycles content. All of our content is 100% unique to you.

You should avoid the practice of taking content from others. While duplicate content has ramifications on your website’s ability to be found in search engines, we feel it’s more important to focus on the fact that it’s just rude and often illegal to steal someone else’s hard work.


When you change the URL of a page, often when redesigning a website, you need to let the rest of the internet know you have a change of address. A 301 redirect is a way of automatically redirecting a visitor to the correct URL while preserving all of the page authority your previous address may have earned.

301 redirects are most important in the first few weeks after a URL change. After that, they become less important to search engines.


Our philosophy on domains and URLs is to keep it simple and relevant. There is almost zero benefit to having what’s called an “exact match domain.”