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How does it work?

Campaigns are a custom marketing strategy designed to accomplish your business objectives. Whether your goals are to increase brand exposure, enter new markets, or educate your patients, Campaigns will revolutionize the way you market your practice on the Internet.

We follow a very simple and efficient process designed to make every Campaign effective.
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Our Campaign Cycle

Identify an Opportunity

The process begins by having a discovery meeting with our marketing team to outline your problem or opportunity.

Strategize a Solution

Using the information you provide, we will prepare a plan and approach for how to develop a Campaign to meet your needs. Solutions may include a page on your website, an online tool, advertising, and/or social media.

Build Your Campaign

Our team will then bring together all the necessary components to create your Campaign.

Implementation and Tracking

We’ll then get your Campaign up and running. If it’s a web-based project, we will install analytics and begin tracking the results or performance.

Analyze Results

Once we have enough data, we will share the results of your Campaign with you. Our hope is that you will already be able to see the results of your marketing efforts well before we come to you ready to share the statistics of your success.

Campaign Benefits

Increased Visibility

Our campaigns are designed with Better SEO in mind.

Qualified Leads

We perform market research to identify meaningful lead opportunities.

More Traffic

Campaigns can be advertised, promoted, and seen by more paid and organic visitors than regular content.

Return on Investment

Success is clearly defined. Our analyzed results will show you how a Campaign helps your bottom line.


  • How is a Campaign different from a procedure page or regular page on my website?

    A Campaign doesn’t necessarily have to be a web page at all. Your Campaign can be a web-based tool to help guide your patients to the right information, an educational page to qualify leads, or an advertising blitz.

    We strategically craft our Campaigns to accomplish your business objectives. Think of a procedure page like a net trying to capture random visitors, whereas a Campaign is like a scalpel in the hands of a well-trained surgeon: exact.

  • How long will it take you to build my Campaign?

    The time needed for us to finish your Campaign will greatly depend on the type of project. Some Campaigns can be completed in a month, and others can take as long as 90 days. We will clearly communicate all timelines with you during our discovery meeting.

  • Will a Campaign improve my SEO and rankings?

    It may. Campaigns are not always pages on your website, but if we do end up creating a page to meet your needs, you can rest assured that we implement and follow the highest standards for web optimization.

  • How much do Campaigns cost?

    The price will vary per project. A Campaign is a large undertaking and generally considered a product for clients who are serious about taking the next step with their marketing. We are happy to provide you with an estimate. Reach out to us using the contact form below!

  • Do you guarantee results?

    Due to the diverse and ever-changing nature of the marketplace, nothing is guaranteed, but we can say with confidence that we have a highly trained and experienced team with a proven track record of successful Campaigns.