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Category: Social Media

Why Social Media is Important for Your Practice

Social Media has become a way of life for Americans. Studies show that 78 percent of U.S. Americans have a social media profile, and nearly 20% of all our time spent online is on social media platforms. The bottom line? […]

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7 Social Media Marketing Tips

Plan Ahead Take advantage of social media management systems, such as Hootsuite™ and Tweetdeck by Twitter. Both Hootsuite™ and Tweetdeck allow you to schedule posts ahead of time much like Facebook does. You can decide the exact minute that your […]

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Do Facebook, Google+, and Twitter Even Matter?

Social media is, without a doubt, here to stay. For years, businesses have been trying to leverage these networks effectively to improve upon or achieve their business objectives. Which social networks matter, and in what way should you look to […]

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