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Category: Local Search

Understanding How Google Possum Filters Results

Google’s latest local algorithm update continues the journey toward merging local and organic ranking signals. Google is now applying filters to businesses that are physically located closest to the searcher, and Google is also optimizing the local result data and […]

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Implementing a Local Reviews Strategy

The emphasis placed upon reviews in our consumer driven market is unquestionable. Reviews have been and will remain one of the easiest and most effective ways of getting more business online. If you have dozens of glowing reviews and a 5 star […]

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Updates to Google Local for Small Business

Several changes have been made to the ways Google serves up local search information to its users. The Local Stack You may have heard of its predecessor, the “Local 6 Pack.” Well, the “6 Pack” is out and a much […]

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Can Your Patients Find You Online?

Can Your Patients Find You Online? Maintaining accurate and consistent business data across all of your local listings is a crucial component of your online marketing success. Have you ever wondered why some practices soar to the top of search engines, or […]

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