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The Aesthetic Center of Connecticut

Dr. Joseph O’Connell is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in non-invasive procedures. His practice, The Aesthetic Center of Connecticut, has been open in Westport, CT for the past 16 years.

At our first meeting, Dr. O’Connell signed up for the Local Optimization program offered by Plastic Surgery Studios. After a few conversations, we started going over a possible website redesign. The doctor felt that his current website wasn’t performing very well, that it was dated, and that the pages within the website needed to be streamlined.

Presentation of responsive website design for Dr. O'Connell


Client: Dr. Joseph O’Connell

Practice: The Aesthetic Center of Connecticut™


Launched: April 2017

Dr. O’Connell’s goal was to have a better website presence. He wanted to have a responsive and mobile-friendly website that would help improve the user experience.

  • Restructure page content and have better focus
  • Highlight and feature his non-invasive techniques and technologies, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and CoolSculpting®
  • Create a website that’s easy to navigate and improve the content flow
  • Highlight office, surgery center, and outpatient surgical facility

By improving the website’s design and functionality, updating content flow and optimizing the site, it would help the client’s online marketing goals. Along with the custom website redesign, Dr. O’Connell also signed up for our Website Makeover marketing program, which includes premium content, design, and development for procedures like Coolsculpting®, Eyelid Surgery, and PRP.

Custom landing page for procedure

Plastic Surgery Studios designed and developed an online experience that features The Aesthetic Center’s non-invasive techniques and technologies so that users can easily understand and navigate the website. This improved user experience will show Dr. O’Connell’s patients how committed he is to provide them with their desired aesthetic goals.

Redefining the Brand

In 2018, Dr. O’Connell and our Plastic Surgery Studios team revisited the client’s brand. We redesigned the homepage and overall style of the website with a specific goal in mind: highlight Dr. O’Connell and The Aesthetic Center of Connecticut™ as New York and New England’s premier facility for non-invasive aesthetic treatments.  

Website Transformation


Client: Dr. Joseph O’Connell

Practice: The Aesthetic Center of Connecticut


Re-Launched: August 2018

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