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Jason B. Diamond, MD, FACS

Jason B. Diamond's Responsive Website

The Dilemma

Dr. Jason B. Diamond has been a client of Plastic Surgery Studios for well over 10 years. Within that time, our marketing and design teams have helped him update his website and perform ongoing marketing efforts. Recently, Dr. Diamond wanted us to help him amplify the look and feel of his website to reflect his practice, the Diamond Face Institute, and establish it as a premier location in Beverly Hills.

Before and after presentation of Dr. Diamond's website redesign

The Solution

Like his signature procedures that Dr. Diamond performs, we provided a conservative “facelift” of his website to make it more visually pleasing. Our goal for this new website was to:

  • Modernize the website design
  • Highlight Dr. Diamond and his media experience
  • Enhance the user experience
  • Improve the landing page experience
  • Boost organic traffic

The Results

Our efforts resulted in an astounding improvement of the user experience. We generated an extraordinary 302% increase in organic traffic and 318% increase in new users. Additionally, the average number of pages viewed per session increased by 50%.


Client: Dr. Jason B. Diamond

Practice: The Diamond Face Institute


Launched: February 2017

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