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Douglas A. Taranow, DO, FACOS

The Dilemma

Dr. Douglas A. Taranow is a well-respected New York City plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He recently expressed an interest in transforming his website to appear more current to today’s standards of design. Our design team at Plastic Surgery Studios had provided Dr. Taranow with web design services for several years, and it was time for a new and exciting update for his website.

Showcase of Dr. Taranow's Plastic Surgery

The Solution

Dr. Taranow wanted his website to have a chic and contemporary appearance. We modified the site with a condensed navigation and kept the look and feel minimalist.

The Results

By maintaining its core elements, we were able to keep the character of Dr. Taranow’s site consistent while creating a more modern look. His new website is now more visually pleasing with a cleaner, smoother navigation.


Client: Dr. Douglas A. Taranow


Launched: February 2018

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