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Case Study

About the project

David Marcus, MD

Dr. David Marcus is compassionate and always follows up with his clients post-surgery. By spending a lot of time with a patient during a consultation, he is able to recommend the best treatment option (or advise against a procedure that is not suitable). Dr. Marcus wanted his website to capture that development of trust.

This custom website design is clean and easy to navigate, and it has modest, soft colors for a consistent brand experience. While focusing on “natural-looking results,” our team also wanted to make the website as accessible as possible:


  • Conceptualized the homepage with a simple yet intuitive style for displaying the full scope of procedures and before and after photos
  • Locked the navigation on top for quick access to all the pages and services
  • Designed call-to-action buttons that are eye-catching and engage the users

Along with the website’s overall design, our teams of marketers, writers, and designers created premium pages with unique content and presentation to complete the total user experience package.

“I am SUPER happy. You guys are even better than I thought. It is good to exceed expectations!”

Dr. David Marcus

Premium page development


The Must Haves

  • Responsive Layout
  • Case Study Gallery
  • Photo Gallery
  • Premium Page
  • Custom Design

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David Marcus, MD


Website Design