Monday, August 30th, 2010

Older Americans Flocking To Social Media…Are You?

Social media is nothing new. It’s been a booming industry for a few years now, and both businesses and individuals are slowly adopting it into their day-to-day lives. But even though social media has become an online phenomenon among teens and young adults, the 50-plus age group is slow to adopt. However, a report  released Friday from the Pew Internet & American Life Project on social media usage among adults shows that over the last year, they’ve taken a bit of a liking to this new-fangled social media thing.

The report shows that from 2009 to 2010 the social media usage between adults aged 50 to 64 has increased by 88 percent, while the number of users over the age of 65 has doubled. So what does that mean for plastic surgeons? Well, first and foremost, your grandparents might start following you on Twitter or “friending” you on Facebook. But more importantly some of your most prominent clients might be just a tweet or status update away.

While the report suggests that older adults are looking to social media to reconnect with people from their past and to connect with family members across generation gaps, it also suggests that health needs play into it as well. While many may be focusing on finding information about poor health and chronic diseases, others may be looking to turn back the clock on aging. Regardless of their intent the audience is growing, and as they become more savvy, they will use these services for more than just catching up with old friends and connecting with their grandchildren. Will you be there when they are looking to defy age?